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Authors: Bai Hua Wang, Xiang Guo, Zhi Yu Hu, Li Ping Kong, Bao Guo Zhang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In this study, the image definition of animal fibers captured by Axioskop 2 MOT PLUS differential interference contrast (DIC) light...
Authors: Li Jun Qu, Jin Quan Wang, Xin Zhang, Xiao Qing Guo, Chun Yan Li
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In this paper the components of Broussonetia Papyriferalvent (BP) white bast were tested and compared with some bast fibers such as hemp,...
Authors: Hui Ling Wang, Bin Zhou, Rong Yao Hao
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Degumming technology of broussonetia papyrifera fiber with ultrasonic wave- microwave assisted to chemic technique and alkaline pectinase was...
Authors: Ling Yu Chang, Rui Ting Huo, Ping Yang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:PVC coated fabric has poor self-cleaning property. The surface treatment with TiO2 can improve the self-cleaning property of PVC coated...
Authors: Hao Na Wang, Gen Yang Cao
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In this study, sisal fiber and lotus petiole fiber were compared in structure and properties. SEM photos showed that the sisal fiber surface...
Authors: Jun Lian, Bo Jun Xu, Chun Ping Xie
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:segment-color yarn is a new type yarn. It can be spin by ring frame with computer numerical control. The basic principle of spinning...
Authors: Chuan Jie Zhang, Hong Yang, Yun Liu, Ping Zhu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Cotton fabric with excellent antibacterial properties was obtained by treated with polyamide-amine (PAMAM) dendrimers as a carrier and silver...
Authors: He Jing Yan, Guo Cheng Du, Jian Chen
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Melting point of cotton waxes and effects of temperature on cotton waxes removal were investigated. Based on these results a temperature...
Authors: Qi Hu, Qiong Wang, Jian Mei Xu, Jian Tao Niu, Lun Bai
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Thick defects and thin defects are the important targets of assessing the quality of the raw silk. To rationally establish the grading...
Authors: Xi Guang Gao, Wei Guo Sun
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Eliminating the prickle of ramie knitting fabric was studied by using cellulose, through the method of quadratic general rotary. The...
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