Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Xin Zhang, Tie Ling Xing, Guo Qiang Chen

Abstract: Abstract:Kaolin masterbatch was prepared first, and then three kinds of kaolin modified polyester fibers (100 dtex) which respectively...

Authors: Shao Jian Lin, Jian Wu Lan, Si Die Wu, Si Chen

Abstract: A diacid monomer was prepared from trimellitic anhydride and aminobenzoic acid,and a novel poly(ester-imide) was synthesized through the...

Authors: Wei Pan, Qi Zhang, Yan Chen

Abstract: In this work, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) with nanoporous structures were successfully prepared via electrospinning technique. For the...

Authors: Hong Xiao, Mei Wu Shi, Li Li Liu, Guo Liang Dai

Abstract: The PET/PTT self-crimp filament appears obvious crimp elasticity under appropriate finishing conditions. The paper discusses the properties...

Authors: Chin Yow Lin, Jian Guo Yan, Wen Hao Hsing

Abstract: In this Study, Visible on the Far-infrared Emissivity of Knitted Fabric, its Rate of Change of Far Infrared Radiation Were Observed. in this...

Authors: Nan Fan Li, Chun Wang Yi, Chao Sheng Wang

Abstract: Based on melt spinning dynamic model and theory, a basic model of superfine denier polyester multifilament was established. Besides the...

Authors: Wei Zheng, Jin Liang Zhou, Jin Min Peng

Abstract: Mechanism controlling longitudinal movements of guide bars in a warp knitting machine is still employed in many factories in China. But it...

Authors: Shi Rui Liu

Abstract: In the paper the structure of the compact spinning with pneumatic groove is introduced and the characteristics of three-dimensional flow...

Authors: Ya Zhen Wang, Dong Shuang Xu

Abstract: In this paper,antistatic property of PAN/PANI composite fiber was studied through the grafted polymerization of Polyacrylonitrile and...

Authors: Li Wen Tan, Quan Ji, Jian Jun Zhang, Feng Jun Wang, Feng Yu Quan, Yan Zhi Xia

Abstract: Rheological properties of blend spinning solution of sodium alginate and carbon black (SA/CB) were investigated. The results reported that...


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