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Authors: Feng Jun Wang, Quan Ji, Jian Jun Zhang, Li Wen Tan, Feng Yu Quan, Yan Zhi Xia
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:Calcium alginate fibers and nano-silica/calcium alginate blend fibers were prepared by the mean of wet spinning at the same spinning...
Authors: Si Die Wu, Jian Wu Lan, Shao Jian Lin, Si Chen
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:To improve the elastic recovery of common poly(ester-ether) fibers, especially under lower temperatures, an imide dicarboxylic acid was...
Authors: Hu Sheng Yu, De Ling Chi, Cui Cui Chen, Bin Lu Liu
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:Added sarcandra glabra extracts into cellulose viscose solution, make the two blends together to spin, and get functional viscose fiber with...
Authors: Qing Bin Jiang
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:This text takes the spun-laced non-woven fabric weaving machinery as an illustration, introduces the Textile machinery synchro-control system...
Authors: Wei Wei Peng, Na Han, Xiao Fen Tang, Hai Hui Liu, Xing Xiang Zhang
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:In this study, a 85/15 AN/MA copolymer (acrylonitrile – methylacrylate copolymer with feed ratio of 85/15 mol%) was synthesized by emulsion...
Authors: Chun Hui Li, Jian Ming Wang
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:This research studies the effect of penetrant, formic acid, sodium bicarbonate and steaming time on the rubbing fastness and K/S value of...
Authors: Jin Zhong Zhu, Qin Ma, Jun Ying Zhang
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:To better understand and perform of using pearl fiber characteristics, improve the development of targeted clothing, based on the fabric...
Authors: Seyed Ehsan Hosseinipour, Mohamad Reza Ahmadzadeh, Bahareh Zanjirchi
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:In recent decades, different concepts in quality management in textile industries have been introduced. Quality is a highly significant...
Authors: Dan Mao, Da Hui Zhu, Yu Mei Cui
Chapter 3: Fiber Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Many enterprises attribute their success to the construction of quick response (QR) mode. The (QR) mode in the fashion industry embraces the...
Authors: Li Liu, Jie Zhou, Xing Huang, Chang Fa Xiao
Chapter 3: Fiber Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Preparation of uniaxially aligned nanofibers by electrospinning has been a new research hot spot in recent years. Well-aligned...
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