Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Cheng Yang, Lan Ping Shen

Abstract: In order to study the effect of different blended ratios on strength and elongation properties of Outlast/viscose blended yarn, ten kinds of...

Authors: Jian Kun Wang, Xu Zhang, Ming Ming Xu

Abstract: Alginate fibres are difficult to spin on the traditional ring spinning machine. Friction core-spun yarn which took alginate fibers as main...

Authors: Hong Qin Dai

Abstract: The garment materials are one of important factors of affecting thermal comfort of garment. Moisture absorption & quick dry fiber have...

Authors: Heng Zhong, Yu Mei Cui, Dan Mao

Abstract: “Shoso-in” is located behind the Hall of Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Nara city of Japan and it is known to the world with its storage...

Authors: Yu Fang Sun, Hong Fang Wu, Yang Yang

Abstract: This thesis mainly aims to develop the database application system for elements of ethnic apparel based on present –day garment design...

Authors: Song Qin, Xing Feng Guo

Abstract: In order to obtain paraboloid shape fabric, this paper focused on the fabric structural design method suitable for modified traditional loom...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Feng Jiang, Cui Yu Yin

Abstract: As one of the most abundant renewable resources and natural polymer materials, cellulose increasing peoples attention in many fields. In...

Authors: Zhao Huan Zhang, Run Jun Sun, Mei Yu Chen, Cheng Kun Liu

Abstract: As a key stage in wet spinning, compacting process served as a connection between spin and post treatment, it has significant influence on...

Authors: Shou Zhong Hu, Shi Qing Min, Hong Yan Hu

Abstract: Outlets is a relatively new format in China, and the development history is relatively short.In order to understand and know better about...

Authors: Ji Peng Cao, Peng Zi Sun

Abstract: To find out the effect of the electrostatic web-cleaner installed on the front plate of carding machine on card sliver quality, the sliver...


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