Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Zhou, Hui Ling Wang

Abstract: The spinning process of regeneration feather protein /PVA fiber is introduced in this article;The concentration and the solubility...

Authors: De Fa Shang, Shu Zhen Gao, Qing Jian Liu

Abstract: Abstract.Based on pretreating linen yarns with acid cellulose,the manufacture technogy of high count linen yarns was investigated.It...

Authors: Xiao Ding Wang, Zi Min Jin, Dan Zhou

Abstract: Recently, concept of overall display and packing have already become an important trend in the development of home textiles industry, and...

Authors: Yi Xiu, Zhen Kai Wan

Abstract: Although point and line grading are widely utilized in garment CAD system, they have a common disadvantage: the increments of cardinal...

Authors: Jia Zhi Ren, Qing Guo Feng, Guo Xin Jia, Yi Feng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the way and equipment that detects the drafting force of back zone on cotton spinning frame is promoted and designed, on the...

Authors: Lin A Wang, Yan Wei Wang, Zhao Xi Deng, Xue Lian Xia, Wen Tao Liu, Su Qin Han, Cheng Shen Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the flat cross-section industry polyester filament was produced. The influences of the spinneret and the spinning parameters...

Authors: Shu Cong Chen

Abstract: Underwear is known as the “second skin” of human body. In the historical evolution of garment, its culture develops along with the...

Authors: Yu Mei Cui, Heng Zhong, Da Hui Zhu

Abstract: Children clothing material is a very important content of children clothing design. Especially for younger children, fabric material...

Authors: Xiao Dong Liu, Xin Qun Feng, Dong Yang

Abstract: When room space extends from a simple three-dimensional physical space to a four-dimensional spiritual space, when people begin to rise...

Authors: Ming Guang Zhang, Xue Zhi Yu, Peng Zi Sun

Abstract: Effect of carding machine using gill pin taker-in on polyester yarn hairiness was studied. The hairiness of the yarn processed by carding...


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