Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Mei Liu, Xiao Ting Tong, Heng Lv, Xi Yang

Abstract: Silk fabric specifications database system was founded with Visual Basic.NET as operating language and SQL SERVER 2000 as management system....

Authors: Cai Yun Yang, Wen Zhang Li

Abstract: Distance fabric is a new structure textile characterized by its two parallel skins of 2D fabric integrally connected by large numbers of the...

Authors: Song Zhao, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: In 1994,China’s export amount of textiles and garments reached 35.55 billion US dollars, which turned China to be world’s largest export...

Authors: Jie Luo, Jia Liang Lu

Abstract: National traditional crafts are a treasure-house of rich heritage, and traditional culture with Chinese style and folkloric becomes...

Authors: Ping Zhong, Bin Jie Xin, Xin Xing Tu, Shi Le Wang

Abstract: This paper proposed a new method based on secondary encoding technology to recognize the pattern of woven fabric. The method disposed the...

Authors: Jiu Zhou, Lan Qian Tang, Ding Ting Hu

Abstract: Research on structural design of grey simulative effect jacquard fabric is the key to obtaining nice grey shading effect of fabric. In this...

Authors: Yun Liu, Rui Chao Xu, Yi Ping Zhang

Abstract: Hemp fiber has many excellent properties, but there are certain difficulties in spinning yarn because the fiber is hard and its cohesion is...

Authors: Bing Wang, Ying De Wang

Abstract: Carbon nanofiber for various applications is being actively investigated while the thermal properties of carbon nanofiber mat with different...

Authors: Zheng Gong, Kiyosi Kemmochi, Li Min Bao

Abstract: Fiber-reinforced plastic is attractive as a material that can replace metal. It has been widely used in various engineering fields involving...

Authors: Dong Zhang, Lei Xia, Peng Xi, Bo Wen Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, development situation of flash-spinning is reviewed briefly. The technology process, principle of phase separation and...


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