Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Song Zhang, Tian Fu Zhao, Ai Chun Zhao, Masao Nakagaki

Abstract: Silkworm BmN4 cells were transfected with the helper plasmid and the piggyBac vector( piggyBac-FLAG) in which was inserted with the spider...

Authors: Xin Wang, Xue Jia Li, Qing Qing Wang, Qu Fu Wei

Abstract: The PVP/Fe3O4 composite nanofibers with different Fe3O4 nanoparticle loading were obtained by electrospinning. The characterization and...

Authors: Rang Tong Liu, Feng Hua Liu, Yan Fei Yang

Abstract: Content system and characteristics of fabric property is investigated in this paper. The connotation of fabric property is of diversity and...

Authors: Yan Lv, Li Chen, Fei Sun

Abstract: In response to the relationship between perform structural parameters and the composites properties, a newly geometrical modeling of 2D...

Authors: Cai Qian Zhang, Ju Ming Yao

Abstract: The wicking properties of porous polyester, Coolmax and conventional polyester rotor yarns were tested with the capillary flow of a colored...

Authors: Gang Xian Zhang, Nan Han, Wei Hu, Feng Xiu Zhang

Abstract: Though polyester fabric has favorable characteristics, it is not comfortable to wear because of its hydrophobic characteristics Silk fibroin...

Authors: Rang Tong Liu, Feng Hua Liu, Yan Fei Yang

Abstract: Structural connotation of fabric is analyzed from the definition, formation and design of fabric. And structural classification of fabric by...

Authors: Meng xing Yang, Yi Zhang, Hua Wu Liu, Qiu Ting Zheng

Abstract: The fluid permeability and thermal conductivity of bamboo, cotton and ramie fabrics were measured and analyzed using variance analysis and...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhang, Xi Chang Zhang, Rui Chao Xu

Abstract: To analyze the structure and thermo-regulated performance of Outlast viscose fiber, the fiber structure was observed respectively by FTIR...

Authors: Cheng Yan Zhu, Ya Fen Jiang, Jia Liang Lu, Hong Xia Zhang, Wei Tian, Guo Yan Jiao

Abstract: In this paper, silk/high-count mixed fabric was explored and developed by product design and performance research. The research showed the...


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