Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Yan Liu, Yong Liang Han, Fei Zhang

Abstract: This paper is aiming to research the impact behavior of flax fiber reinforced PP laminates considering the end use of the products. Flax...

Authors: Ling Lin, Yun Neng Chen, Xuan Wang, Wen Zhong Gong, Shan Yuan Wang

Abstract: This work focused on the release behaviour and antibacterial efficiency of Polypropylene (PP)-based and Polyethylene terephthalate...

Authors: Cheng Liang Deng, Zhao Qun Du, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: A new spinning method was presented to spin three-axial stainless steel filament wrapped yarn by modified ring-spinning, where the stainless...

Authors: Li Xia Jia, Rui Wang, Jun Mei Liu

Abstract: Two kinds of woven spacer fabrics were designed and woven with high strength low extension technical polyester filaments. Then the sandwich...

Authors: Hui Feng, Zhi Wen Hu, Dan Bo Zhang

Abstract: Experimental study of the fading rate and mutation point of induction periods for three natural dyes are carried out. Besides, illuminace...

Authors: Jiang Hua Du, Qing Fang Yang, Xiao Dong Fan

Abstract: Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB)/poly (L-lactide) (PLLA)/poly (ethylene-oxide) (PEO) composite Ultrafine Fibers were prepared by solution dry...

Authors: Kai Yang, Ming Li Jiao, Zheng Wang

Abstract: A series of experiments was performed on studying the dynamic heat and moisture transferring procedure and evaluating heat and moisture...

Authors: Hai Quan Wang

Abstract: Magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) particles were synthesized and modified via a reaction-hydrothermal process in the present of NaOH....

Authors: Chen Lv, Zhi Li Zhong, Hong Jie Zhang, Na Zhang, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: In order to study the change of the filter cloth and the change of supramolecular structure after heat setting, two groups of filtering...

Authors: Gui Liu, Ming Kui Wang, Yu Rong Yang

Abstract: in view of the specialty of sparse woven fabric, a particular method of testing slippage resistance force of yarns has been designed....


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