Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Ping Guo, Rui Ping Zhang, Peng Wei Xiang

Abstract: Because of the hydrophobicity of PPS fiber,we used normal pressure air plasma treatment on PPS fiber with the rusult that the PPS fiber was...

Authors: Yu Chai Sun, Zhong Hao Cheng, Yan Mei Zhang

Abstract: Pure stainless fiber products have many excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, resistance to corrosion, high efficient...

Authors: Xiao Dong Chen, Mei Ling Kuang, Ya Ming Jiang

Abstract: This paper is mainly to design the small wind turbine blades to make the wind turbines have automatic braking ability. This study has two...

Authors: Ya Nan He

Abstract: There are various fabric redesign forms of traditional Chinese costume; they are born with Chinese traditional clothing culture, they...

Authors: Yi Hua Bu, Yan Feng, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: The structure and performance of the axial warp-knitted composite were introduced, including bi-axial and multi-axial organizations....

Authors: Yan Qing Li, Hong Xia Zhang, Wei Tian, Cheng Yan Zhu, Zhi Lei Chen

Abstract: For fabrics, the diversification and superior of the properties and the styles can be achieved by blending fibers. To keep up with the...

Authors: Ru Quan Zhang, Jian Qiang Li, Jing Jing Xu, Jian Zheng Liu

Abstract: By the use of self-developed dynamic heat transfer testing device of the fabric, we have tested the temperature curves of four different...

Authors: Rui Zhou Li, Xiang Hong Li, Zhen Hong Chen

Abstract: PSA fiber, Kevlar 1313, Yarn Property, Fabric Texture, Tearing Strength, Length Of Tearing

Authors: Wei Wei Chen, Yan Chen

Abstract: The trends and results achieved on application of image processing technique in the textile and garment were reviewed. The basis and...

Authors: Ting Ting Zhou, Hong Lin, Yu Yue Chen

Abstract: The homemade amino-terminated hyperbranched polymer (HBP-NH2) was applied as a reducing agent to prepare nano silver. A suitable...


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