Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Ling Zhang, Rui Wang, Qian Qian Zhang

Abstract: Fabric keyboard is a field of smart textile. It can overcome many disadvantages of conventional keyboard. In order to study the fabric...

Authors: Yong Hua Ren, Xiao Ning Sun, Hong Song

Abstract: In this paper, four kinds of natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk and ramie) are studied. Three experimental programs are designed, and...

Authors: Zhen Yue Zhang, Wei Dong Gao

Abstract: Zhejiang province is located in the coastal area of southeast China. Its folk costumes have the particular culture implication due to its...

Authors: Hao Dou, Zhi Jin Yu, Bao Qi Zuo

Abstract: More and more attention has been paid to natural materials. This paper was carried out with an intention to investigate the effect of...

Authors: Na Zhang, Zhi Li Zhong, Hua Wu Liu, Hong Jie Zhang, Chen Lv

Abstract: Filter made by polyester woven fabric may deform in service, which may be improved by interweaving polyester and continuous basalt fiber...

Authors: Chao Feng, Lu Feng Mo, Fu Juan Liu

Abstract: Although manufactured nanomaterials have a great many of fantastic functions,the adverse impacts about them have been observed. As a kind of...

Authors: Li Xin Huang, Guo Feng Li, Hua E Wang

Abstract: semi-worsted; worsted and woolen spinning; high count; cashmere yarn; cotton & woolen equipment.

Authors: Cheng Yan Zhu, Jia Ying Sun, Yan Qing Li, Wei Tian, Qian Qian Luo

Abstract: In order to study the influences of fabric specification on vertical depth of honeycomb weaves, 11 kinds of honeycomb weaves fabric were...

Authors: Xi Chang Zhang, Yu Heng Su, Guang Song Yan, Long Di Cheng

Abstract: Reducing yarn hairiness is the greatest ascendancy for compact spinning. Based on the test of fiber length distribution, the hairiness of...

Authors: Qi Xiao, Rui Wang, Lei Xu, Ying Jie Cai

Abstract: Surface treatment of Ni-Ti fibers were processed by using various chemical solutions, including the hydrochloric acid, the mixture solvent...


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