Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Cao, Kun Yu Niu, Fang Yu

Abstract: Since the present researches on pollution control for textile printing & dyeing industry are mainly focused on qualitative description up to...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Zhao Qun Du, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: 3D spacer fabrics have obviously better performance compared with ordinary fabrics due to their special "sandwich" structures. The paper is...

Authors: Liang Wei, Run Jun Sun, Xiao Shan Tian, Cheng Kun Liu

Abstract: Mechanical indexes, including tension, shearing, bending, compression, and surface friction characteristics, for the two super-fine-sheep...

Authors: Jia Horng Lin, Chen Hung Huang, Chao Yin Hsiao, Kuo Cheng Tai, Jin Mao Chen, Ching Wen Lou

Abstract: In this study, carbon fiber/ polypropylene (PP) complex braiding yarn, with its different breaking strength, was prepared. It was designed...

Authors: Ling Fei Chen, Li Chen, Guo Li Zhang

Abstract: A 3D finite element model of three-point flexure test of carbon fiber/epoxy composite laminates is developed and analyzed with the finite...

Authors: Ting Ting Yan, Wen Yan Gu, Chong Wen Yu

Abstract: In this paper, three oxidation processes were employed in kenaf degumming. The properties of degummed fibers such as fineness, residual...

Authors: Jian Da Cao, Si Tong Cao, Wang Wei, Hai Jia Yang, Yin Jiang Zhang, Meng Yun Shao

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the PLA/Tencel knitted fabric structure parameters, this paper, with the double screening stepwise regression...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhang, Rong Tao, Cheng Yan Zhu, Yan Qing Li, Jian Wei Bi

Abstract: To study the influence of negative oxygen ions fiber content on the released negative oxygen ions concentration of the fabric and the effect...

Authors: Lei Zhen, Ya Liu

Abstract: Different percentage of cashmere/yakwool was blended and spun into single yarn, then woven into fabric. 16 indicators were measured by KES...

Authors: Ke He Zhang, Lan Zhou, Jian Zhong Shao

Abstract: This paper begin with the structural characterization of down and feather of the duck and goose.The surface morphological structure and the...


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