Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ge Chen, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: A low cost, high reliability pendulum impact device is designed and set up with a gas generator and inflator, and a real deploy test is...

Authors: Xiao Ding Gao, Gang Wang, Zhao Ming Nie

Abstract: Recognize Fabric Detects based on support vector machine is established for examining and classifying a variety of fabric Detects by...

Authors: Yun Hui Yang, Yi Ping Ji

Abstract: Distinguishing of wool and cashmere is one of the toughest problems in fiber identification area. Support Vector Machine (SVM) was advanced...

Authors: Ge Chen, Jia Lu Li

Abstract: Accelerated thermal-oxidative aging tests on Nylon 66 automotive airbag material are designed and performed in this paper. After the...

Authors: Fu Ming Chen, Ge Wang, Ze Hui Jiang, Hai Tao Cheng, Xiao Meng Chen, Zi Xuan Yu, Wen Fu Zhang

Abstract: To evaluate the mechanical properties of natural fiber fabrics with the characteristic of interweaving between warp and weft direction as...

Authors: Jian Hui Yang, Guo He Wang, Yang Dong He, Shu Yun Xue

Abstract: Based on traditional wrinkle recovery evaluation, this paper proposes sculpting degrees and memory degree indices as ways of testing PTT...

Authors: Wen Bin Li, Jin Xiu Wang, Pan Zhang, Wei Lin Xu

Abstract: A dynamic method was investigated to measure thermal and humidity properties of cotton fabrics. In order to simulate ambient air condition,...

Authors: An Fang Wei, Juan Wang, Xue Qian Wang, Qu Fu Wei, Da Yin Hou

Abstract: In this study, the biodegradable composite fiber contained different ratios of the compound antihypertensive drugs were electrospun.The...

Authors: Dong Yang, Kun Yuan, Xiao Dong Liu

Abstract: Although installation art and fiber art are two different modern art categories, as they are both based on sculpt of materials instead of...

Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Li Qian An, Nian Jie Ma

Abstract: For the demands of thermal infrared (TIR) radiation change regularity for TIR radiation detection experiments of interaction between bolt...


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