Advanced Textile Materials

Volumes 332-334

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Ping Zan, Jing Li, Cai Yun Yang

Abstract: The relationship between structures and properties of Kevlar string was studied scarcely before, although the string was used in aerospace,...

Authors: Han Tao Zou, Hou Lei Gan, Luo Xin Wang, Chang Hai Yi

Abstract: The influence of temperature and time of dry-heat and wet-heat processing on the tensile property of the PLA fibers was investigated. The...

Authors: Bing Tao Song, Hui Deng, Lei Tan, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: Bamboo fiber, including natural bamboo fiber and recycled bamboo fiber, is a novel textile material of great economic value. The bamboo pulp...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhang, Xian Xian Wu, Rong Tao, Li Jia Shi, Cheng Yan Zhu, Qi Zheng Li

Abstract: In order to study on the anti-electromagnetic radiation performance of fabrics with silver-plated fibers, five sets of samples with...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhang, Xian Xian Wu, Yan Qing Li, Wei Tian, Cheng Yan Zhu

Abstract: In order to study the wearability of multi-component blended fabrics, there are 9 kinds of fabrics which belong to A, B and C three series...

Authors: Gui Fen Yao, Hai Wen Liu, Jian Hua Yin

Abstract: Fuzzing and pilling of fabrics, which is one of the factors that affect fabric appearance and wear behaviour, has plagued the people for a...

Authors: Yun Xiang Wang, Xiao Ming Qian, Wei Zhang, Hua Wu Liu

Abstract: Heat and moisture comfort of several knitting underwear fabrics were measured and grey clustering analysis was applied to evaluate the heat...

Authors: Yan Mei Li, Wei Wei Zhang, Yu Ling Liu

Abstract: With the rapid development of economic in China, more and more people are involved in Bodybuilding activities. As it is known to all,...

Authors: Wen Sheng Hou, Hai Bin Fan, Mei Niu, Jin Ming Dai, Zi Lu Wu, Sheng Shi

Abstract: The MWNTs-OH/PET composite fibers were prepared by the masterbatch melt blending spinning drawing one-step process (FDY), and the structure...

Authors: Xiao Jin, Jian Wei Cui

Abstract: This paper stated the preparation of nano-TiO2 via Sol-Gel method and modification of nano-TiO2 by coupling agent—MPS....


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