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Authors: Xue Dong, Tie Ling Xing, Guo Qiang Chen
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Silk fibers was degummed by different methods: sodium carbonate, neutral soap, tartaric acid, 2709 alkaline proteinase and hot pressurized...
Authors: Jin Zhao Chen, Mao Sheng Wan, Cheng Bo Cao, Deng Li Sun, Shuan Sun
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Three new fluorescent brighteners (FBs) were synthesized and compared with traditional FBs. Their UV/visible absorption and fluorescence...
Authors: Li Yan Liu, Yong Liang Han, Xue Rong Zhang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:The eco-friendly cattail technical fiber obtained through degumming process, could meet the basic spinning conditions in aspects of fiber...
Authors: Jian Ming Wang, Hong Bo Zhang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Abstract. Several convert processes, e.g. Scouring, Bleaching, Heat setting, High temperature & high pressure dyeing (HTHPD), which might...
Authors: Shan Gao, Li Ping Hu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:With the development of the automotive market, automotive interior fabric design becomes an important category of textile design. The design...
Authors: Li Feng Xu, Jin Li, Ji Song Wu, Peng Cheng Zeng
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Tensile strength of the viscose fibers is significantly influenced by the environment moisture. In this paper, single-fiber strength tester...
Authors: Alireza Shakeri, Mehdi Joonobi
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Kenaf nanofibers (NF) were isolated from the kenaf pulp using mechanical isolation methods (refining with super grounding and high pressure...
Authors: En Guo Wang, Wen Xing Chen, Jia Ye Wu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Alkaline cooking is common method for fiber degumming. Microwave was used to improve the degumming process of sisal fiber in this study, and...
Authors: Yong Tan, Hua Zhang, Hai Hui Liu, Li Chen Hou, Yan Mei Jin, Xing Xiang Zhang
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:Pristine polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-base carbon fibers (P-CFs) was functionalized with 4-Aminobenzoic acid via ‘‘direct’’ Friedel-Crafts...
Authors: Si Chen, Jian Wu Lan, Si Die Wu, Shao Jian Lin
Chapter 2: Chemical Fiber
Abstract:A type of benzoic acid end-capped ploy(ester-imide-ether) (PEIE) block copolymers was synthesized by melt polycondensation from...
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