Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Ling Zhang, She Bin Wang, Xiao Ye Qi, Bing She Xu

Abstract: Microstructure changes brought by the addition of La element to AZ91 magnesium alloy are studied, also, the precipitating phases were...

Authors: S. Jerome, Ashish Kumar, S.P. Kumaresh Babu, Balasubramanian Ravisankar

Abstract: In the present work, Al–TiC composites were synthesized by Flux Assisted Synthesis (FAS) route. In this in situ method the TiC particles are...

Authors: Qing Chen Kong, Guang Can Zhang, Yong Xin Li

Abstract: This paper introduces a design of ASIC with the advantages of high performance, low power, low cost and short development cycle, which is...

Authors: Wen Gen Gao, Ming Jiang, Shan Shan Qiang

Abstract: The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) with its high efficiency, high power factor, small volume and advantage of saving electricity...

Authors: Ying Ma, Sheng Zhong

Abstract: Using unified model and theory of rock pressure, the problems, such as caving of stope roof with large mining height and destruction of...

Authors: Lei Tang, Cheng Da Yu, Chao Wei Zhang, Yong Feng Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a self motion and rotation video nodes coverage algorithm. Through software simulation and calculation, building...

Authors: Jie Li, Rui Ping Tao, Jun Liu, Wei Chen

Abstract: For the vibration noise problem of strap-down inertial navigation system in the vehicle, a better vibration damping system was designed....

Authors: Li Guo Zhao, Wen Fan

Abstract: Multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver have the potential to either increase data through spatial multiplexing or enhance the...

Authors: Yan Qun Ou, Li Zhou, Yu Ping Fang

Abstract: Firstly, the thesis analyzes the basic concepts and features of X3D virtual reality modeling language (VRML), X3D is 3D graphic criterion...

Authors: Shi Qiu Li, Shu Ai Hao, Xu Ma, Yong Mei Cheng

Abstract: Based on the theory of direct torque control, the simulation model of asynchronous motor is designed to solve two problems. The one is that...


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