Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wan Ming Lin, Yin Hui Wei, Li Feng Hou

Abstract: Surface nanocrystallization (SNC) is a novel method for improving materials properties. Nanostructured surface layers of about 20 μm...

Authors: Tong Zhang, Wen Jian Wu, Liang Zhang, Xiao Dong Dai

Abstract: By grafting carbon black (CB) with multifunctional waterborne polyurethane acrylate (WPUA), a series of environmental-friendly CB/WPUA black...

Authors: Wen Hua Wu, Yan Lou

Abstract: The AZ31 magnesium alloy flow stresses have been investigated in the strain rates of 0.03~3s-1 and temperature range of...

Authors: Zi Na Zhu, Zhuo Meng, Guang Chao An, Yi Ze Sun

Abstract: Focusing on the residual amount of liquid ammonia in modified cotton yarn, this paper presents a new method of drying the liquid ammonia by...

Authors: Ming Hua Bai, Jing Jing Liu, Jun Li Ge, Zhi Qiang Liu, Zhi Ming Zhang

Abstract: Based on the problems emerged from market, 700mm×700mm super-large billet has been advanced. This paper calculated the casting speed and the...

Authors: Li Yao, Xiao Chu Liu, Hua Long Wu, Wen Xiong Li

Abstract: Soil moisture detective probe is an important part of automatic irrigation system. Soil moisture probe is usually made of metal material...

Authors: Bing Liang, Jie Mei Ji, Xiao Dong Hong, Jun Cao

Abstract: The graft copolymer EPDM-g-MMA was synthesized and its compatibilization property for HPVC/EPDM blending materials was studied in this...

Authors: Che Mohd Ruzaidi Ghazali, H. Kamarudin, Shamsul Baharin Jamaludin, M. M. A. Abdullah

Abstract: The attractive performance-to-cost ratio associated with the incorporation of waste material in composite formulations used to produce brake...

Authors: Qi Lai

Abstract: Flexible graphite was prepared using the fine flake graphite that could go straight through 149-85μm mesh as raw material, using sulfate...

Authors: Y.Z. Yang

Abstract: This paper applies a symplectic method to study analytically the stress distributions of Composite laminated plates. Using variation...


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