Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hu Zuo

Abstract: The principle and structure of self-adaptive scaling factor fuzzy controller is introduced, which is composed of host fuzzy controller and...

Authors: Wen Jia Chen, Lan Lei Zhao

Abstract: Though computer technology has brought about virtual manufacturing to expedite design and analysis through simulation and visualization,...

Authors: Cui Yun Gao, Wen Jing Li, Ming Liu, Ru Han

Abstract: The paper propose the digital frequency multiplying method based on frequency de-noising on FPGA, aiming at the frequency aliasing of the...

Authors: Chun Hong Wu, Cui Zhang, Zhi Gang Wang

Abstract: Online sensors which are used to testing moisture play an important role in greenhouse system. Testing moisture which sensors is a key role...

Authors: Han Xiao Liu, Zhong Liu, Huai Liang Li, Xin Xin Feng, Zhen Zhong Xing

Abstract: In this paper, the continuity equation, momentum equation and the k-ε turbulence equation were introduced to simulate the flow field of the...

Authors: Xing Yu Lai, Chun Yan Yan, Bang Yan Ye, Wei Guang Li

Abstract: In order to achieve the intelligent control of milling process, an experimental platform is constructed in XK5140 CNC machine tool. The...

Authors: Jian Qiang Shen, Xuan Zou

Abstract: A novel approach is proposed for measuring fabric texture orientations and recognizing weave patterns. Wavelet transform is suited for...

Authors: Xing Hong Zhang, Wei Cai, Feng Yun Xiang, Tian Heng Zhang, Shu Xiang Liu

Abstract: A new type of temperature measurement apparatus is designed by utilizing the characteristic that the velocity of the ultrasonic wave varies...

Authors: Shi Qiu, Hao Hu, Jun Peng Liu, Xiang Hui Lv, Xiang Li Wang, Wen Jie Li

Abstract: In a Certain Mining Engineering, it’s Needed to Collect the Ore Bearing Sandy Soil with Certain Thickness from the Ground Surface. in Order...

Authors: Qian Bi, Can Jun Yang

Abstract: As stroke is one of the most morbidity disease, some rehabilitation devices has been developed to solve the problem, but there isn’t...


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