Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Yi Zhou, Wen Sheng He, Huai Chun Zhou

Abstract: The deficiencies of drum water level control system and unstable combustion of supercharged boiler could result some serious accident such...

Authors: Yuan Chen, Hong Wei Ma

Abstract: Aiming at the difficult question of flaw qualitative analysis during industrial ultrasonic testing, a method of flaw classification based on...

Authors: Cen Zeng, Qiang Zhang, Xiao Peng Wei

Abstract: Genetic algorithm (GA), a kind of global and probabilistic optimization algorithms with high performance, have been paid broad attentions by...

Authors: Shu Fang, Bin Hu, Sheng Peng Liu

Abstract: Belt relaxation, which affects a lot on operation reliability of the fire smoke exhausting robot, is hard to detect. In this paper, a new...

Authors: Guang Xing Zhao, Qing Yu

Abstract: In partial discharge detection of transformer, supersonics detection method is applied widely. In the paper, a model of supersonics is...

Authors: Zhi Fang Li, Xiu Fang Liu, Xu Cao

Abstract: An introduction on the algorithm Apriori and FP-growth is given. And their advantages and disadvantages are pointed out. The rule of mining...

Authors: Tian Heng Zhang, Dong Lin Peng, Ji Sen Yang, Xian Quan Wang

Abstract: Error analysis of measuring instruments is a significant part in the process of measuring instruments design with which primary error...

Authors: Ming Xu, Bo Jin

Abstract: A new energy-saving method with an energy regulation device (ERD) is presented. The ERD is composed of an accumulator, a proportional...

Authors: Wei Liu, Jian Jun Cai, Xi Pin Fan

Abstract: To deal with the defects of the steepest descent in slowly converging and easily immerging in partialm in imum,this paper proposes a new...

Authors: Feng Wei Yuan, Yan Jiang, Liang Bin Hu

Abstract: The automatic and intellectualized reconstruction is the important way to improve and expand the traditional instrumental function. The...


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