Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Xu, Ruo Shun Ma, Chun Ming Fu

Abstract: In order to measure the individual flow rate of gas and liquid of wet gas two-phase flow without separation on line in situ.a computer...

Authors: De Zhi Ren, Yu Guang Guo, Li Ping Xu

Abstract: For improving assembly quality and automation of electric connectors, a solution of automatic assembly is discussed in this paper. With the...

Authors: Guang Jun Tang, Ting Biao Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, in order to solve the problem of PC-based CNC system, such as instability high cost, large volume so and on , an embedded...

Authors: Ying Xu, Chun Ming Fu, Ruo Shun Ma, Qiang Zhang

Abstract: In order to measure the gas and liquid flow rates of the wet gas on line not separation, this paper develops a wet natural gas two-phase...

Authors: Fang Peng, Wen Hui Zhou

Abstract: In order to improve the level of intensive factory aquaculture, an intelligent monitoring system with PROFIBUS-DP network is designed. The...

Authors: Shen Shen Wang, Wan Fang Che, Jin Fu Feng, Ming Zhong Li

Abstract: Traditional methods regard coverage area of radar network as the union of every radar’s coverage area. Aiming at this issue, the...

Authors: En Gao Peng, Zheng Lin Liu, Xin Cong Zhou, Mei Yun Zhao, Fang Lan

Abstract: In order to investigate the failure mechanism of water-lubricated rubber bearings based on the method of time domain and frequency range of...

Authors: Yan Rong Li, Hai Yun Zhang, Ai Min Wang, Zhong Wen Sima

Abstract: The application of mechatronics technology is introduced in the field of the national economic sectors. The traditional methods of...

Authors: Hua Zhang, Yu Liang Liu

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks more complex in the marine environment than in terrestrial environments, the independent positioning mechanism can...

Authors: Bin Liao

Abstract: The pattern of using the household billing to promote heating energy savings has become a focus discussion in the current national energy...


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