Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

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Authors: Chao Wang, Yong Ming Gao, Xiao Ping Du
Abstract: The parameter identification is necessary for precise control orbit and attitude of Space Robot. This paper presents a method for parameter identification of inertia properties of space robot which is based on the momentum conservation. As the initial momentum of the Space Robot is hardly known, we have to discuss detailed in two options. The first option, the initial momentum is known and assumes it is zero, then we can solve all the unknown parameters in the momentum equations; the second it’s unknown, it has to be solved in two steps. The first step is to identify the mass and mass center of the spacecraft; and the second step is to identify the inertia tensor of the spacecraft. In the end, we build the model for simulation; the result shows that the method has the high precise and the error can be ignored.
Authors: Xiao Lin Cheng, Ai Jun Zhang, Yun Feng He
Abstract: To measure static parameters of projectile and rocket, the test system based on LabVIEW was developed. It can communicate with lower computer by serial port; calibrate sensors and centroid; control operation flow of system; test static parameters; store data and print measurement results. At last, standard object was tested, which proves that result is accurate and reliable, it can achieve requirement of high-precision, and this system has a brilliant application foreground in the industry.
Authors: Lei Shao, Jun Lin
Abstract: Borehole-ground Electrical measurement is an important geophysical exploration method to determine the underground distribution of remaining oil. The author designs a set of network measurement system, where the intelligent electrodes were arrayed. Potentials are measured continuously to realize the dynamic monitoring. We adopt multi-channel simultaneous sampling and linear accumulated digital averaging to suppress electromagnetic noise. Feedback compensative method is used to exclude the influence of SP (spontaneous potential) and covers a wide dynamic measurable scope. In order to make all measurements validity, all electrodes earthing situation are collected. We present the oilfield survey data measured by this self-developed instrument. Practical application shows that the system is characterized with high efficiency, portable and strong anti-jamming capability.
Authors: Xiao Hui Wang, Jing Yu Wang, Jing Lin Zhang, Ting Liang
Abstract: Based on the theory of infrared absorption, a new kind of portable methane alarming device has been developed with the advantages that cost-low, maintenance-free, miniaturization, and integration. Intrinsically safe circuit is absolutely necessary, because the device is installed in the explosive gas environment. To improve the detection accuracy and increase the safety of the coal mine, the device’s intrinsically safe circuit has been designed. All parameters of the circuit are designed in accordance with IEC 60079-0-2007 Explosive atmospheres-Part 0: Equipment - General requirements and IEC 60079-11-2006 Explosive atmospheres-Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety “i”. The related analyses and calculation results show that this intrinsically safe circuit is workable and reliable.
Authors: Jia Zheng Lu, Hong Xian Zhang, Li Yang, Dong Hui, Zhen Fang, Bo Li
Abstract: Short current limiting technology is a hot problem in power grid with short current increasing. Several short current limiting technologies are analyzed. And improved bridge-type superconductor current limiter which can limit instantaneous and steady short current is presented. Resistance-type, bridge-type and improved bridge-type superconductor current limiter are simulated. Scheme and parameters are proposed, based on which we develop a 10 kV high-temperature superconductor current limiter. In Aug.14th, short testing implements at Gaoxi 110 kV power station in Loudi bureau, Hunan Province. Later, the limiter runs in the power grid. In short testing, the limiter can prevent the short current from 3500 A (Vms) to 635 A(Vms). There is no saltation in wave. The superconductor current limiter has run six month and all indexes are well-balanced. All these can make a base for superconductor current limiter large-scale application.
Authors: Tobias Meisen, Rudolf Reinhard, Thomas Beer, Daniel Schilberg, Sabina Jeschke
Abstract: Computational simulations are used for the optimization of production processes in order to significantly reduce the need for costly experimental optimization approaches. Yet individual simulations can rarely describe more than a single production step. Hence, a set of simulations has to be used to simulate a contiguous representation of a complete production process. Besides, sim­ulated results have to be analyzed by domain experts to gather insight from the performed computa­tions. In this paper, an IT-infrastructure is proposed that aims at a rather non-intrusive way of inter­connecting simulations and domain expert’s knowledge to facilitate the collaborative setup, execu­tion and analysis of distributed simulation chains.
Authors: Sheng Zu Xiong, Huai Lin Shu
Abstract: In order to overcome the disadvantage of the traditional control methods and general neural network control methods, the above two control methods which used to be applied to the PS-FB-ZVZCS-PWM(Phase-shifted Full-bridge Zero-voltage Zero-current-switching Pulse-Width Modulation, PS-FB-ZVZCS-PWM)converters modeling has been replaced by the PID(Proportional-Integral-Derivative , PID)neural network control. The first PID neural network subnet was used as the outer voltage loop control and the second PID neural network subnet was used as the inner current loop control. The output of the first PID neural network subnet was used as the reference input of the second PID neural network subnet. By the tight integration of two neural network subnets, a dual loop PID neural network control system was got. The result of the simulation which was got by MATLAB software showed the use of PID neural network as a regulator of the double close loop model was not only to achieve the nice control characteristics which are no overshoot, no static error, fast response, short transition time, good tracking performance, but also man-made regulation time was significantly reduced.
Authors: Jian Qun Liu, Ji Rong Wu, Dong Xu, Xiao Li, Jian Huang
Abstract: A serial communication protocol according to motion control (MC) system data format has been developed. Based on taking management platform which can be embedded controller or personal computer (PC) as the MC data sending station and motion controller whose core is Digital Signal Processor (DSP) as the MC data receiving station, the detailed situation of how to use the data transfer protocol and the data processing method in MC system is described. Firstly, the organization format of the serial communication data frame is introduced. Then, the relevant saving format of the MC data received by motion controller is described, and the way of how to receive the MC data from serial port is designed. Finally, the whole process of data saving in RAM and data taking out from RAM by motion controller are stated. With the serial communication protocol, a control solution has been provided in the MC system.
Authors: Sen Xin Zhou, Gen Gui Ju, Pen Fei Sheng
Abstract: In general, data exchanged on an industrial network can be classified into two groups: realtime and non-realtime data. Non-real-time data do not have stringent time limits on their communication delays experienced during the data exchange. In contrast, real-time data have very strict time limits and the data’s value is diminished greatly as the communication delay grows larger. Therefore, when building an industrial network, the designer must configure the network to satisfy these requirements. MPLS provides extensive support for both integrated services/RSVP, and diff-serv QoS classes. Service providers can use MPLS to define classes of service (gold, premium, best-effort, etc.) and to define per-hop behavior (PHB) for each class to support the service. We use OPNET Modeler to design MPLS capabilities incorporating IntServ/DiffServ mechanisms into on an industrial network to ensure QoS under network failure conditions. We demonstrate how modern MPLS with QoS management techniques can control, but also complicate, prediction, and will finally illustrate how semi-empirical statistical techniques offer some resolution.
Authors: Guang Li Yu, Li Hui Dang
Abstract: The paper introduces the status of rolling bearing life testing machine in China first. Then, the paper mainly focuses on the design of vibration signal data acquisition system for rolling bearing life testing machine. The system is developed for a rolling bearing manufacturer based on Labview with perfect functions according to the requirement of the customer. The rolling bearing manufacturer can set up different measurement time and time interval for data record to carry out test according to the requirement of its customers. The developed vibration signal acquisition system is not subject to testing machine, which can run only that the sensors are installed on the measurement locations of testing machine. The developed system can be used for different rolling bearing life testing machine, so it has good application perspective in future.

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