Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Ming He, Huan Li, Guo Sheng Fei, Qiang Wang

Abstract: Reliving the stress of the urban public transport, the metro system is greatly superior to other transport methods on the load, energy...

Authors: Sheng Li Zheng, Guo Hui Li

Abstract: Internal vibration concrete shaping machine which has a wide application in construction industry was used to produce floor slab with round...

Authors: Ying Xu, Tao Li

Abstract: The oil-gas-water three-phase flow experimental apparatus in key laboratory of process monitoring and control in Tianjin University is a set...

Authors: Wei Xia Zhan, Ji Wen Tan, Yan Wen

Abstract: In order to remove noise in the broken wire signal of wire rope, a new denoising algorithm based on the correlation of inter scales wavelet...

Authors: Cheng Fa Song, Ming Di Wang

Abstract: The digital controller applied to the traveling system of the paving machine is researched in this paper. The software and hardware designs...

Authors: Zi Yi Zhang, Lin Hui Zhao, Miao Miao Tan, Hong Hong Guo

Abstract: An MCU based programmable frequency detector was developed and relative tests were carried out. The detector used few elements which are...

Authors: Bin Yang Liu, Wei Fang Liu

Abstract: Being a fuel-saving technique, aerobraking has become increasingly popular in aeronautic industry and planetary exploration. It has been...

Authors: Jian She Luo, Wen Qiang Li, Jie Jiang

Abstract: In order to help the designer collect relative materials from expanding Internet, a product innovation design knowledge acquisition system...

Authors: Yong Hui Tang, Hong Ying Zhang, Guo Xiang Lin

Abstract: A technique of feature extraction based on vibration phase diagram for roller of rolling mill was discussed. Basic theory of roller fault...

Authors: Sheng Qian Li, Xiao Jing Yang

Abstract: This paper aimed at the characteristics of the control system of baking in different period of tobacco leaf roasting process, intelligent...


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