Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sen Li, Chun Liang Zhang, Jian Li, Jia Liu

Abstract: Stiction is a common problem in spring-diaphragm type valves, which are widely used in the process industry. A non-invasive method for...

Authors: Yu Jie Cui

Abstract: Based on kinematics analysis, this paper introduces polynomials interpolation for path planning of a 6DOF humanoid manipulator based on...

Authors: Xie Ben Wei, Wen Zheng, Rong Lin

Abstract: The gear box is widely used in rotating machinery equipments, also it is a key component of the machinery equipment. Gear box, once it is...

Authors: Zhi Long Xing, Yang Liu, Yun Feng Liu

Abstract: Aiming to solve the energy saving problem in modern electric vehicle, we propose a motor-generator integration control system based on the...

Authors: Ya Ping Hu

Abstract: Integration of the distributed business process is a hard task within the enterprise. It has a very high cost for the integration between...

Authors: Dan Dan Zhu, Hong Wen Li

Abstract: Along with the development of microelectronic process, it is possible to integrate a big system in one chip. A new way to implement system...

Authors: Zhao Wang Xia, Xiao Min Qi, Hua Bing Wen

Abstract: This work presents a test model of a vibration isolation system with magneto-rheological (MR) damper, and the Bingham model to describe the...

Authors: Yun Feng Wu, Zhu Ming, Ke Chang Fu

Abstract: A feedforward-feedback controller (FFC), which is constructed by a feedforward controller and conventional PID in the global control scheme,...

Authors: Gang Xu, Ru Bo Geng, Ning Bo Zhang

Abstract: Aim at the non-linear flexible deformation characteristics of parachute, finite element analytical approach is integrated to realize the...

Authors: Yue Fang Wang, Xiao Rui Dong

Abstract: In this paper, the wheeled vehicle is regard as a multi-rigid-body system and simulation model of the vehicle is established firstly by...


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