Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

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Authors: Xiao Jing Sun, Xing Gui Wang, Chun Ning Wang
Abstract: The Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant and Flywheel Battery were the two primarily compositive units of the Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant --Rotary UPS, among them the Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant ensured the continuous power supply to the load after the breaking of the mains supply, the Flywheel Battery ensured the uninterruptible continuous power supply to the load when mains supply switched to the Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant, so the paper started with the two units, Introduced the control system structure and principle, and focused on discussing the method of achieving the Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant --Rotary UPS telecommunication by Ethernet. The method had been applied in correlative production. The practice showed that it was convenient for usage and high reliability.
Authors: Hao Wang, Xiao Chu Liu, Chuan Jian Liu, Wen Xiong Li
Abstract: Aimed to eliminate the harmful residual tensile stress produced on the surface of bearing ring in the conventional bearing processing and join the automatically strengthen and polished technology together, the paper provide a set of new strengthening-polishing bearings equipment, designed to effectively improve the bearing surface’s quality and produce the surface residual stress which can extend the bearing’s fatigue life. The prototype, based on the pre-theoretical design, has been successfully developed, and now is in field testing.
Authors: Xiang Yu, Zheng Hua Liu, Yan Ren
Abstract: The compound axis control technique is an effective means to improve the accuracy and bandwidth of high precision electro-optical tracking systems. However, traditional methods of lead and lag correction can not achieve ideal performance. The robust control method based on the disturbance observer (DOB) is introduced in this paper, and the method is applied to the electro-optical tracking system together with the Kalman Filter. Compared to the traditional method of lead and lag correction, the method based on DOB can inhibit high-frequency noise and compensate for low-frequency interference better, such as frictions, and achieve better precision finally.
Authors: De Xin Sun, Xin Hui Liu
Abstract: To study the dynamic response of hydraulic excavator’s boom under different road condition, this paper set up numerical model of excavator’s working device, then set up the virtual prototyping simulation model of excavator’s working device and simulated the flexible dynamic response characteristics of the boom based on multi-body dynamic software, RecurDyn. The results showed that, modeling and simulating method based on rigid multi-body coupling flexible multi-body dynamic modeling and analyzing technologies, reproduced the actual working conditions truly. The dynamic stress’s rule of variation provides an important method for the structure design and force analysis of hydraulic excavator’s working device.
Authors: Xiao Yan Cao, Yong Lei
Abstract: The pulse is the most important, sensitive and reliable source of information about human activity. Pulse wave contains importantly pathological and physiological information. It has an important significance for clinical diagnosis. The system collects the pulse wave through the HK2000B + integrated pulse sensor firstly, then transfers it by the wireless module, finally sends the signal into the computer through the VISA function provided by the LabView which can realize the serial communication. On the computer, use the LabView to program, so that it can realize the pulse signal real-time data acquisition, data filtering, waveform display, storage, alarm and K value extraction and so on. It has an important meaning to promote the pulse remote and objective realization and it has a great practical value.
Authors: Xiao Liang Feng, Xue Jun Xu
Abstract: To give a relative accurate detection result in the computer vision which apply in the Video Surveillance and so on. A method based on the auto collects the seeds and then use the Cellular atuomata to subtract the moving object. Firstly we use the frame difference image to find the moving region and give the seeds of the foreground and background. Then we use the grow cut of CA to cut the frame into the foreground and background. The experiment is shown our seeds can give more accurate information of the foreground and get a relative precise result.
Authors: Dong Sheng Liang, Zhao Hui Liu, Wen Liu
Abstract: Achieving the detection and tracking of moving targets has been widely applied in all fields of today's society. Because of the shortcomings of traditional video tracking system, this paper proposes a novel method for designing video processing system based on hardware design of FPGA and DSP, and moving target in video can be detected and tracked by this system. In this system, DSP as the core of the system, it mainly completes the processing algorithms of video and image data, FPGA as a coprocessor, responsible for the completion of the processing of external data and logic. The hardware structure, link configuration, program code and other aspects of system are optimized. Finally, through the experiment, the input frame rate of video is 40frames/s, and the image resolution is 512pixels × 512pixels, median 16bites quantitative image sequence, the system can complete the relevant real-time detection and tracking algorithm and extract targets position of image sequences correctly. The results show that the advantage is that this system has powerful operation speed, real time, high accuracy and stability.
Authors: Wei Liu, Chang Yu, Da Min Zhuang, Xiu Gan Yuan, Dao Li Huang
Abstract: Memory depth of processing theory suggests that the factors affecting memory has nothing to do with the time but the processing level. Network label is the emerging Web 2.0 in the navigation mode. In this paper, memory processing of in-depth perspective of a comparative test was designed to explore the network of label design, and give the theoretical proof to the direction of its development.
Authors: You Fu Hou, Dao Ming Wang, Qing Rui Meng, Bo Du
Abstract: A new type of hydro-viscous drive (HVD) winch was designed by combining with differential gear train and HVD. It could meet the requirements of inclined hoist. In order to achieve good control properties, though dynamic modeling and simulation, the output moment curves of HVD device were obtained, then, the working processes of starting, braking and lowering weight were analyzed. Research results provide a theoretical basis for making control strategies for HVD winch. Finally, the starting process of HVD winch was studied in the experimental device; the result indicated that the starting curve of HVD winch efficiently in accordance with Harrison curve.
Authors: Rui Cao
Abstract: The key technology of supercritical boiler is water wall, this paper is mainly analyzed the dangerous working conditions of supercritical boiler water wall. On the one hand, from working substance’s point of view, we adopt traditional pressure drop method to judge the heat transfer deterioration position under sub-critical pressure; on the other hand, we use temperature test point combining calculation formula of wall temperature to judge the heat transfer deterioration position under supercritical pressure, and combining improved zoned thermal calculation method to get wall surface thermal load distribution map. Through an instance calculation, when boiler unit under 40% of full load, the maximum thermal load is near 20 meters of furnace height and when it under 100% full loads, the maximum thermal load is near 30 meters of furnace height. So we can control all kinds of heat transfer deterioration position through changing hydrodynamic condition and ward off the highest thermal load area, which is significant to operation.

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