Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Xia Geng, Sheng Feng Wang, Hui Min Zhang, Jian Zhang, Fan Qi Meng

Abstract: Testing and optimization of assessment parameters is important process for constructing general, perfect assessment parameters systems. It...

Authors: Wei Min Zhao, Xu Xia Zhu

Abstract: Based on the accumulation of knowledge and the improvement of skills, application ability is the consequence of the comprehensive...

Authors: Jing Yang

Abstract: Group decision making problems with different forms of preference information are discussed. Firstly, four forms of preference information (...

Authors: Xiao Hong Zhu

Abstract: From the 1990s, China's higher education has experienced a rapid development, which provides Talents guarantees for Chinese economic rise...

Authors: Ya Wen Dong, Bao Feng Zhang, Wen Hui Liu

Abstract: Probing into the industry characteristics of construction operations and the necessity to make ergonomic improvement for construction...

Authors: Zhong Chu, Ming Sun

Abstract: Training simulator is a necessary equipment for modern navigation education to accords with the demands of the STCW78/10 convention. A new...

Authors: Hong Sheng Zhao, Ya Xian Wu

Abstract: According to the given 2D orthographic views to image the object’s shape is one of the key qualities that engineers and technician must...

Authors: Yao Fei Chen

Abstract: The author proposes a scheme of SQL Server Automatic Marking based on logical formal. The scheme consists of three parts: generating paper,...

Authors: Zhi Peng, Jian Li, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Identifying variables for measuring organizational performance relative to QMS implementation is the basis work for research of relation...

Authors: Jiang Xu

Abstract: As a traditional mode, Mass Production in real estate development is having changed to Housing Mass Customization. It is considered that not...


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