Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Kui Wang, Qiang Huang, Xiao Hu Zhang

Abstract: The thesis puts forward the concept of Computer Supported Technical Assistance (CSTA) for the first time. CSTA is the main form for...

Authors: Juan Yu, Fan Jiang

Abstract: In order to study the influence of driving on automotive interior decorations volatile formaldehyde, the JX-3B vibration sensor calibration...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Hong Guang Jia, Ling Ding, Wen Hui Dong

Abstract: On the analysis of the original data recorder, made several key problems clear when buffer and damping, distinguished between a cushion...

Authors: Wei Min Lv, Han Qiang Song, Jia Cheng Feng, Shi Wei Jiang

Abstract: The missile launch vehicle is the launch platform of the missile, the reliability level of it directly influences the effectiveness...

Authors: Yu Min Pan, Quan Zhu Zhang, Peng Qian Xue

Abstract: This paper presents a research on modeling and prediction with wavelet neural network in the nonlinear time series of gas emitted. Because...

Authors: H. Mansor, S.B. Mohd Noor, R.K. Raja Ahmad, F.S Taip

Abstract: Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT) is a well known robust controller that deals with plant uncertainty. QFT has been applied to many...

Authors: Dong Sheng Liang, Zhao Hui Liu, Wen Liu

Abstract: For the moving small dim targets in visible image sequences with low SNR and complex background, whose contained characters are simple and...

Authors: Hai Yan Sun, Chun Liang Zhang, Sen Li

Abstract: In this work, on the basis of the analysis of the component of traditional data acquisition system, and in view of the design requirement of...

Authors: Lei Tong, Chao Hua Zhu, Zhi Qiang He

Abstract: Purpose: To discuss a setup verification method based on computer stereo vision for the repeat setup in breast cancer fractional...

Authors: Goldi Misra, Sandeep Agrawal, Nisha Kurkure, Shweta Das, Kapil Mathur, Sucheta Pawar

Abstract: The growth of serial and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications presents the challenge of porting of scientific and engineering...


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