Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Ping Liu, Huan Zhen Zhang, Xiao Meng Liu

Abstract: In this study, removal of Cr(Ⅵ) from synthetic groundwater by adsorption onto commercial activated carbon (CAC) made up of coconut shell is...

Authors: Xia Lei Ye, Guo Han Liu, Yu Zhe Song, Gen Liang Han, Qi Hai Lu, Bin Liu, Yun Fu Wang, Gon Gong Li

Abstract: α-Fe2O3 hollow microspheres and nanorods were synthesized via a hydrothermal method using glucose and...

Authors: Ming Yue Fang, Jing Quan Zhang, Liang Huan Feng, Li Li Wu, Wei Li, Bing Li, Guang Gen Zeng, Wen Wu Wang

Abstract: The CdTe thin film solar cells with the structure of ITO/ZnO/CdS/CdTe/Au were irradiated by 1.6MeV high-energy electrons with the fluences...

Authors: Yu Сhih Lin, Chung Liang Chang, Che Wei Mei

Abstract: Anchoring metal on TiO2 by photoreduction process characterized as adsorbent and photocatalyst is the target in this study. Metal...

Authors: Wen Yan Shi, Jian Zhong Gu, Wen Jing Wu, Yan Feng Sun, Rui Yun Guo, Gang Xu, Gu Yu Hu, Jian Qiu Lei, Ming Hong Wu

Abstract: The batch removal of dye from textile dyeing wastewater by using nanooxides decorated multiwalled carbon nanotubes was studied under...

Authors: Hsuan Jui Chen, Che Ming Chiang, Richard S. Horng, Shin Ku Lee

Abstract: A new type of poly-crystalline amorphous thin film photovoltaic module with high visible light transmittance was developed for use in a...

Authors: Jackie Y. Cai, Bi Xu, Li Jing Wang, Yi Cao, Niall Finn, Zai Sheng Cai

Abstract: Hydrophobic and elastic aerogels derived from methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) precursor were prepared by ambient pressure drying under various...

Authors: Ce Ming Zhang, Shi Ni Peng

Abstract: In this paper, five different energy of cross price elasticity were calculated, the substitutional relation between different energy sources...

Authors: Jian Yu Gong, Chang Zhu Yang, Wen Hong Pu, Jing Dong Zhang

Abstract: Nitrogen doped titanium dioxide nanoparticals (N-TiO2) were prepared by the sol-hydrothermal method using urea as N sources. SEM showed the...

Authors: Xiang Yu Li, Jian Chun Jiang, Kui Wang, Ke Li, Yi Wei Gao

Abstract: The preparation and production technology of biodiesel was explained in this paper. The transesterification mechanism was discussed from the...


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