Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chih Ta Tsai, Chien Chih Chang, Lung Sheng Li, Tung Chin Kung

Abstract: This paper shows that a new approach (i.e. cold-bonding technique) to recycle uncontaminated and innocuous lime sludge as coarse aggregates....

Authors: Kai Hua Liu, Rong Ping Lai, Chuan Wen Chou

Abstract: Air layer with irregular shape in sound absorbing structure is formed by different structure mode of materials. With building multiform...

Authors: Qiao Neng Guo, Shi E Yang, Ming Xing Wang, Yu Ping Huo

Abstract: The molecular dynamics simulations are performed with single-crystal copper thin films under uniaxial tensile and cyclic loading to...

Authors: Ben Li Xia, Li Wang, Yuan Liu

Abstract: The combined process of Electrolyzed oxidizing water(EOW)and membrane bioreactor(MBR)was applied to treat the UDMH wastewater, and its...

Authors: Nalaka Deepal Subasinghe

Abstract: Phosphates are widely used as a substitute material for bones and teeth in medical sciences. It is known that phosphate and iron have a...

Authors: Jing Feng Bai, Hang Yu

Abstract: Incremental tendency method is used to discriminate master factors of regional environmental quality. In this article, incremental tendency...

Authors: Watcharapong Wongkeo, Pailyn Thongsanitgarn, Arnon Chaipanich

Abstract: Cement industry is a one of the major sources of environmental pollution therefore the reduction of cement demand should be improved. Fly...

Authors: Pailyn Thongsanitgarn, Watcharapong Wongkeo, Sakprayut Sinthupinyo, Arnon Chaipanich

Abstract: In this study limestone powders with different particle sizes of 5, 10 and 20 μm were used to replace a part of Portland cement in different...

Authors: Yung Sheng Lai, Chun Wei Fu, Chuan Yi Pan, Rome Ming Wu

Abstract: This study proposed a new type of hydrocyclone. A rotating ring containing one pair of symmetric blades was attached to the overflow pipe....

Authors: Ning Dai, Jin Sheng Wang, Yan Guo Teng, Jie Su

Abstract: The effects of Hg2+ on microbial community structures of aerobic activated sludge were investigated by nested PCR-DGGE...


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