Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Ce Hu, Guo Feng Jiang, Yu Guo Zheng

Abstract: Astaxanthin, a main carotenoid pigment, has a strong antioxidant activity. A kinetics of astaxanthin fermentation by Xanthophyllomyces...

Authors: Ji Cheng Ding, Xiao Ling Lv

Abstract: Fructooligosaccharides (FOSs), as a mixture of 1-kestose, nystose, and 1F-fructofuranosylnystose oligosaccharides, exhibit lots of...

Authors: Zhi Guo Miao, Guo Wang Li, Shi Zhu Wang, Xin Yao Chang, Hong Bing Xie, Chang Zhong Liu

Abstract: In this pepar we investigated the developmental patterns of expression of growth hormone (GH) gene in pituitary tissue in pigs of different...

Authors: Guo Wang Li, Zhi Guo Miao, Shi Zhu Wang, Chang Zhong Liu, Hai Tang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper we compared growth performance, growth hormone (GH) pulsatile secretion and serum metabolites in growing Taihu and Landrace...

Authors: Yu Ru Bao, Xian Lun Wang, Shun Cheng Ren

Abstract: The study focused on the effect of four emulsifier ssl-csl, three monoesters, the single glyceride, the sugar ester for the quality of...

Authors: Ling Ling Zheng, Hai Jin Mou, Jing Li

Abstract: This work presents laboratory studies on the degradation of lambda-cyhalothrin. At first, a rapid quantitative determination method of...

Authors: Cheng Li Zheng, Gang Yi Xu, Dai Hua Wang

Abstract: In order to understand the structure and function of H-FABP gene, reveal the effect on the heart-type fatty acid-binding protein in goat,...

Authors: Jian Zhong Jin, Jie Zhang

Abstract: (R)-Ethyl 4-cyano-3-hydroxybutanoate is the key intermediate for the synthesis of liptor used for lowering high cholesterol and...

Authors: Jian Zhong Jin, Jie Zhang

Abstract: Newly discovered strain Baclicus lincheniformis JX010 was identified to enantioselective hydrolysis of racemic ethyl tert-leucinate for the...

Authors: Hong Fang Ji, Ling Wen Zhang, Hai Yan Zhang, Guang Lei Li, Ming Duo Yang

Abstract: Holiota nameko is an edible mushroom widely cultivated in the northeast of China. The cold water, hot water and ethanol extracts were...


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