Materials for Environmental Protection and Energy Application

Volumes 343-344

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Ling, Chun Ying Chen, Yan Yan Xu, Yu Bin Ji

Abstract: To investigate the combined effect of kappa-selenocarrageenan (KSC) and paclitaxol (Taxol) on MCF-7 cells in vitro. The cytotoxic effect of...

Authors: Ming Xing Tian, Rui Deng, Yang Zhao, Min Li, San Jie Cao, Xin Tian Wen, Yong Huang

Abstract: A field Marek’s disease virus (MDV), named as BY strain, was firstly isolated from Tibetan chickens in Sichuan province, China, by method of...

Authors: Min Shi, Yan Lin, Yang Zhao, Ming Ping Guo, Luo Mei Sun, Ming Xing Tian, San Jie Cao, Xin Tian Wen, Yong Huang

Abstract: The subtype of avian leukosis virus (ALV) was mainly determined by the gp85 glycoprotein. A subtype J ALV strain SCDY1 associated with...

Authors: Shao Jiong Zhong, Wei Qi, Hai Kuan Wang

Abstract: A strain improvement program was developed to increase lipase production by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus D29, in which mutants were generated...

Authors: Chun Hai Zhao

Abstract: This article summarizes the development of current condition of bio-energy development simply, including the most bio-ethanol and biodiesel...

Authors: Pei Sheng Yan, Guo Zhen Zhu, Li Xin Cao, Jing Dong

Abstract: Ypsizigus marmoreus is a newly cultivated medicinal and edible mushroom with higher antitumor activity. In this paper, a uniform design was...

Authors: Zhuo Wang, Pei Sheng Yan, Li Xin Cao, Qian Wei Li, Feng Lin

Abstract: Bacillus subtilis is potential to play an important role on biological control of aflatoxin-producing fungi. The liquid fermentation medium...

Authors: Tie Liu Jia, Yue Feng, Li Gao, Li Liu, Da Qiao Wei, Heng Yang, Xue Shan Xia, Jie Jie Dai, Xiao Mei Sun, Cai Xia Lu

Abstract: Single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) method for detecting of HVR1 quasi-species of HCV is necessary for hepatitis C diagnosis. In...

Authors: Ai Li Jiang, Zhen Yu, Chang Hai Wang

Abstract: Styela clava were exposed to sublethal concentrations of methamidophos (5.0, 10.0 and 15.0 μg/L) for 96 h, its biochemical stress response...

Authors: Ai Li Jiang, Zhen Yu, Chang Hai Wang

Abstract: Based on the semi-static two compartment model, the bioconcentration and elimination of copper with tissues of Styela clava were...


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