Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Arif Hepbasli, Mustafa Tolga Balta, Zeyad Alsuhaibani

Abstract: In this study, we considered a building, which had a volume of 336 m3 and a floor area of 120 m2, with indoor and outdoor air temperatures...

Authors: Jian Ping Wang, Jian Chen, Chun Hong Li

Abstract: There has been a variety wide of hydrological simulation models, each model has its own characteristics. Hydrological modelling considers...

Authors: Chun Yan Guo, Ting Wan

Abstract: Starting from analyzing current land utilization in China, this paper tries to find the related problems and their causes. The approaches to...

Authors: Jun Rui, Jing Xue, Liang Ming

Abstract: A new kind of intelligence optimization algorithm - Bees Algorithm (BA) is introduced, which is developed in recent years and is easy to...

Authors: Jie Shang, Ya Qiong Wu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the present development situation of biomass industry in rural areas of Heilongjiang province, through the entropy...

Authors: Xiao Fu Xu, Jian Hua Tao

Abstract: In this paper, structural equation model (SEM) is used to explore the influence of coastal environment factors on phytoplankton in Bohai Bay....

Authors: Zai Fu Yang, Chuen Yun Yao, Lian Lian Xu

Abstract: Abstract: Along with the rapid development of rural economy and the acceleration of urbanization, environmental pollution have gradually...

Authors: Jun Wei Wang, Jian Li Yang, Zhen Yu Liu

Abstract: Gas-phase elemental mercury (Hg0) removal by activated coke (AC) supported metal oxide catalysts MxOy/AC...

Authors: Zheng Jun Gong, Cong Cong Tang, Cai Yun Sun, Lu Tang, Jun Chen

Abstract: A natural peanut shell was used as adsorbent for removal of Cu(Ⅱ) from aqueous solution. Optimum conditions for the elimination of Cu(Ⅱ)...

Authors: Yang Lin Ou, Zhi Li Chen

Abstract: With the acceleration of urbanization, Combined Sewer Overflows(CSOS) has become one of the important sources of polluted urban water. This...


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