Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Yi Tang Chang, Chin Hsing Lin, Yu Jie Chang, Cheng Che Chiang

Abstract: Thin films with the high content of Ti coated on the stainless steel (SS) sieves were successfully prepared through the sol gel method....

Authors: Yu Heng Wang, Sheng Guang Zhuo, Yi Xin Yang, Na Li

Abstract: Using polyaluminium chloride (PAC) and chitosan as the main coagulant and coagulant-aid respectively, the high algae-laden water was treated...

Authors: Lei Chen

Abstract: Because of the mechanical construction, wind turbine control algorithm should contain notch filters to avoid pitch action at 3P and 6P....

Authors: Guo Quan Zhu, Guo Ping Chen, Lang Li, Lu Bing Dai

Abstract: Wind power is a clean renewable energy. It plays an important role in changing environmental condition and economic development. Wind...

Authors: He Wei, He Qin Chen, Hua Li You, Long Hua Gao

Abstract: Abstract. In order to comprehend the salinity transport mechanism,the tidally varying circulation,and salt stratification are investigated...

Authors: Usa Onthong, Pornpan Pungpo, Wikanda Thongnueakhaeng

Abstract: The removal of the cadmium ion from aqueous solution was studied in batch experiments using five natural zeolites were obtained from South...

Authors: Dai Quan Zhang, Guo Ping Chen

Abstract: The speeding protection problem is the biggest problem that small wind generator is facing now. A deceleration device of small wind...

Authors: Wen Yong Liu, Xiao Liang Xu, Yong Ye An

Abstract: This essay is the subject of national eleventh five support schemes: The analysis of key technology on emission reduction and comprehension...

Authors: Yu Long Xu, Chuan Shou Sun, Guo Hua Liu

Abstract: A convenient method for the preparation of imidazolium salts-functionalized mesoporous catalyst Me-Bmim-SBA-15 (2) by postgrafting [bmIm]OH...

Authors: Liang Li, Bing Zhe Xu, Chang Yu Lin, Xiao Min Hu

Abstract: Zidovudine wastewater is difficult to biodegradation due to high COD and toxicity. The synergetic treatment of Zidovudine wastewater by...


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