Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Bao Shu, Wen Jun Li, Zhong Xue Li

Abstract: In order to avoid spontaneous combustion of coal, reduce cost and improve the effect of fire prevention and extinction, this essay brings...

Authors: Jin Song Yang, Hai Sheng Tan, Hai Rui Zhai, Qian Wang, Nan Zhao, Yi Min Cai, Mao Li, Han Lin Zhou

Abstract: In order to investigate the nutritive and ensiling characteristics of banana stems and leaves, the chemical compositions of banana stems and...

Authors: Xiao Shan Fan

Abstract: Import and export from China’s environmental and economic systems are analyzed to study current resources utilization by emergy anaysis....

Authors: Shi Guo Sun, Hong Yang, Shao Jie Feng, Wei Guo Duan

Abstract: Deformation of slope for all section is almost the same while the width of slope along the strike is large enough, that is plane...

Authors: Hai Huang

Abstract: This paper presents experimental work that quantifies the effect of water-alternating-gas (WAG) variables on the immiscible N2 flooding...

Authors: Wen Huan Gu, Yue Tian Liu, Xiao Di Fu, Fei Fei Luo

Abstract: The Volume calculation model of big channels is established based on percolation echanics theory. The permeability calculation model of big...

Authors: Rui zhang, Ni Qin, Bing Yan Hu, Zhong Bing Ye

Abstract: The effects of Na+, Ca2+, and Mg2+ on hydrophobically associating water-soluble polymers (HAWP) were...

Authors: Li Yu Dong, Zhi Wei Zhou, Yang Ping Zhou

Abstract: Modular HTGR nuclear power plant because of inherent safety and high thermal efficiency shows good prospects for development. The current...

Authors: Ming Chen, Lin Yuan Xiong

Abstract: The thesis analyses and compares the traditional tea polysaccharide extracting technology, goes on the experimental research of the...

Authors: Zhao Min Li, Wei Liu, Song Yan Li, Jing Li, Bin Fei Li

Abstract: Carbon dioxide flooding is an important way to exploit heavy oil reservoir. Considering the Zheng411 super heavy oil reservoir in Shengli...


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