Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: De Qiang Li, Sheng Hao Pan, Xi Wu Zhu, Lin Tan, Yue Fen Cao

Abstract: The essential oil was obtained at yield of 0.30% by hydrodistillation from fresh leaf tissue of Solidago canadensis L. collected from...

Authors: Wan Cang Tan, Ya Guang Li

Abstract: Block B of South Buir Oilfield is located in the Eastern Province of the People’s Republic of Mongolia. Main oil reservoir is pay zoneⅡof...

Authors: Jin Liang Hu, Jun Lou, Hong Chan Sheng, Shu Hui Wu, Guo Xing Chen, Ke Feng Huang, Lin Ye, Ze Kun Liu, Yi Ling Shi, Song Yin

Abstract: This study reviews the current status of the understanding and development of laser shock peening(LSP) on various metals. The influence of...

Authors: Da Quan Zhang, Li Xin Gao, Huan Wu

Abstract: The flexible metallic cloth was made of mixed powder consisting of WC and organic blend. A brazing coating was obtained through the high...

Authors: Hong Jun Shao

Abstract: South Buir Sag is located in Tamsag Basin of Mongolia, which is a Mesozoic faulted basin. South Buir Sag shows the distinct characterization...

Authors: Hong Xing Xu, Chun Sheng Pu, Dao Han Shi

Abstract: Longdong Jurassic reservoir is a typical severe heterogeneous reservoir. Water flooding in this area is ineffective owing to water...

Authors: Yan Li Zhang, Chun Lei Gu, Yong Jian Ding

Abstract: Germany announced on 30 May 2011 that it will shut down all of its 17 nuclear power stations by 2022 (8 of them immediately, the others step...

Authors: Jiao Jiao Geng, Jie Nian Yan, Wen Yi Chen, Chun Yao Peng, Jing Jie Zuo, Xiao Lin Yan

Abstract: Formation damage is prone to occur during drilling into the formations with medium/high permeability in Jabung Oilfield, Indonesia. To...

Authors: Can Hui Sun, Tao Zhou, Zhou Sen Hou, Meng Ying Liu, Feng Luo

Abstract: A calculation is made for certain Supercritical Water Cooled Reactor (SCWR) using UO2 fuel and MOX fuel respectively. The results...

Authors: Xiao Rui Wang, Ming Lin Jin, Hui Cun Qian, Nan Gao, Xiao Ming Hou, Xue Liu, Jun Huang

Abstract: The presence forms of sulfur in High-sulfur petroleum coke and high temperature transfer was studied in this paper. It was found that a part...


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