Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guang Yi

Abstract: For the sake of studying on the thermal effects of glass curtain-wall to the integrated buildings, 16 types of glass curtain wall are...

Authors: Pu Peng, Yi Zhuang

Abstract: The CO2 capturing technologies as applied to FCC flue gas in order to reduce GHG (green house gases) were evaluated and compared in this...

Authors: Hua Chen, Jian Liu, Tong Xue, Ren Qing Wang

Abstract: Biological invasions have been identified as one of the human-induced global changes, which not only threaten native biodiversity but also...

Authors: Sushil Phadke, B.D Shrivastava, Ashutosh Mishra, N Dagaonkar

Abstract: The dielectric properties for Borassus Flabellifier BF wood were determined in the longitudinal and perpendicular directions of fibbers at...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Jing Han, Lian Fa Bai, Qian Chen, Guo Hua Gu

Abstract: This study is a high-performance, energy-saving drive technology for all pcLED based on luminescence relaxation properties. Its core idea is...

Authors: Xiang Yu Zhang, Chang Hong Deng, Tian Tian Chen

Abstract: This article presents a proper approach for the prediction of output power for photovoltaic generation system. Using the results of solar...

Authors: Chun Yu Ran, Bo Jiao Yan

Abstract: This essay briefly introduces the solar energy- ground source heat pump, respectively analyzes advantages and disadvantages of the solar...

Authors: Jian Wei Guo, Shi Hua Sun, Yan Jie Wu, Xin Yi Wang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of geological structure and characteristics of the Cambrian limestone’s aquifer in the eighth mine of Pingdingshan...

Authors: Cui Lin Zeng, Bin Lin

Abstract: Unreasonable land use and planning made a significant impact on water environment in the process of rapid urbanization, which lead to...

Authors: Yi Yang, Lei Liu, Xiang Long Li, Di Liu

Abstract: This article to research through SHPB test of the rocks in the plastic damage under the cumulative effects. This paper selects bullets for...


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