Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

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Authors: Ting Liu, Hai Ming Lin

Abstract: The two main secondary metabolites in Glycyrrhiza Species are Glycyrrhizic acid and liquiritin. They are considered as active ingredients ....

Authors: Wen Jing Gao, Guo Hao Zhao

Abstract: As an energy-intensive sector, industrial sector is the subject of carbon emissions. The changes of the sector profoundly affect the pattern...

Authors: Chang Yi Jin, Zu Yu Liu, Kun Hu, Wei Xing Huang

Abstract: The performance of a three phase fluidized bed biofilm reactor used to treat cane sugar wastewater has been investigated. Experimental...

Authors: Rui Duan

Abstract: Aerogel is a highly porous material. It has the best thermal insulation properties in all solid-state materials. This paper carried out a...

Authors: Ping Ren, Li Cheng Zhou, Jun Xi Zhang, Hong Yun

Abstract: The synthesis mechanism and microstructures of BaIn2O4 particles were analyzed by simultaneous thermogravimetry - differential scanning...

Authors: Shu Jiang Wang, Da Yong Liu, Hong Gang Zhang, Zhi Qiang Sun

Abstract: Keywords: Fluidized bed;Bubbling bed;Induced crystallization;Fluoride removal;Quartz sands Abstract: Through establishing two kinds of...

Authors: Jie Chen, Ye Xi Zhong, Cai Ying Ni

Abstract: Green structure can not only be used for energy saving system, but also can be an energy production source called bio-energy, to support the...

Authors: Wei Xu, Guang Ming Li, Zi Feng Deng

Abstract: A well-crystallized cryptomelane-like material (α-MnO2) has been synthesized by redox reaction between Mn2+ and MnO4- under acid condition...

Authors: Xin Li Ge, Jia Wen Zhai, You Li Feng

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic concept of fly ash, expounds the dangers of fly ash. The comprehensive utilization of coal ash means and the...

Authors: Qiao Li, Jin Long Zhou, Xian Wen Li, Rui Liang Jia, Yu Jie Zhao

Abstract: Abstract. By investigating the soil salt content and groundwater quality of typical profiles of soil and water development regions in Fukang...


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