Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Nan Li

Abstract: The biopharmaceutical industry, a high-tech dependence industry in china, is expanding rapidly. From the view of organizational ecology, the...

Authors: Yi Qiu, Yong Hong Huang, Yu Kun Sun, Li Huang, Hao Cheng

Abstract: Based on the introduction of the major problems in solid-state fermentation of straw to produce fuel ethanol and its development direction,...

Authors: Li Li, Fu Jian Zong

Abstract: As one of the most promising of the alternative energy sources, there are many advantages of solar energy: low carbon emissions; abundant...

Authors: Jian Liu, Dan Liu

Abstract: In order to evaluate the environmental impact of tunnel construction in karst areas, this document establishes an indicator system...

Authors: Gui Shan Zheng, Song Bo Ma

Abstract: Magnetite ore from Qinghai Province West China was studied. Quartz, silicate and olivine are mostly associated with magnetite in native as...

Authors: Ji Ying Zhu, Wei Li, Rui Xia Shen

Abstract: Compared with the traditional anaerobic digestion, solid anaerobic digestion (SAD) of organic solid wastes has many advantages. But lower...

Authors: Yong Zhan, Jing Zhao, Bin Dong

Abstract: Chelating or complex resins especially the aminomethylene Phosphoric acid resin is one kind of the important ion-exchange resin being...

Authors: Jing Jing Zhu, Jun Lin, Qun Qun Huang

Abstract: Based on the detailed analysis on the properties of each component in the system of dichlorophenol mixture in this paper, a new technique...

Authors: Tao Tao Qiang, Min Luo, Qiao Qiao Bu, Xue Chuan Wang

Abstract: The aminated collagen fiber (ACF) was prepared by modifying collagen fiber (CF) with ethylenediamine and cynuric chloride as crosslinking...

Authors: Bao Hua Li, Kun Zhi Cao

Abstract: The current exsiting studies on city rubbish mainly focus on the following three areas: the environment science area, the management science...


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