Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Xiu Zhang, Heng Hu Sun, Xue Lian Niu

Abstract: In order to improve the cementitious activity of red mud, materials that can be easily depolymerized were added to it before co-calcination....

Authors: Jian Mei Zhou

Abstract: Using mixed flocculation and extraction method to recover the lanolin from Tannery Wastewater, and studied the process research. The result...

Authors: Hong Juan Hou, Jian Mao, Chuan Wen Zhou, Min Xing Zhang

Abstract: Coal is presently the largest source of electricity in China, with the increasing demand for electricity, the problems of environment...

Authors: Ai Jun Li, Zheng Li

Abstract: This paper analyzes the effects of clean and low-carbonized development of coal-fired power industry in China by a hybrid CGE model, which...

Authors: Hong Ming Fan, Dan Zhang, Hui Min Liu, Zhi Fang Yin

Abstract: As a late-model heating technique, radiant floor heating is much more energy-efficient as compared to the conventional air-conditioning...

Authors: Hua Yu, Huang Ying

Abstract: The nature of market transactions is the change of the main property rights, the core system of market economy is the property right. In...

Authors: Jin Yong Lei, Xu Zhu Dong, Hong Bin Wu

Abstract: According to the principle of photovoltaic(PV) grid-connected generation, the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and grid-connected control...

Authors: Yun Juan Sun, Jian Chun Jiang, Shu Heng Zhao, Yi Ming Hu, Zhi Feng Zheng

Abstract: A dominant torrefaction concept has emerged out of a large variety of biomass treatment technologies. The torrefaction product, mechanism,...

Authors: Xue Ling Zhu, Wen Si Cao, Xiao Ming Zhou

Abstract: Different condition of unbalanced current of three-phase four-wire low-voltage distribution system is analysed in this paper. The model of...

Authors: Cui Peng Kuang, Yuan Zhou Li, Shi Zhu, Shao Hua Mao

Abstract: Four groups of small-scaled ethanol pool fire experiment with different aspect-ratio(s) is undertaken, to gauge the mass loss rate of fuel...


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