Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Shuang Ying Jiang, Bin Gao, Bin Dong

Abstract: The protonation process, the adsorption equilibrium process, the adsorption isotherms and the adsorption kinetics of adsorbing Ca(II) and...

Authors: Ning Wang, Zai Yan Gong, Jun Ma

Abstract: This paper took hybrid electric bus and battery electric bus as research subjects, built lifecycle cost model based on purchase cost and...

Authors: Jun Liu, Cheng Lin Zhang, Xiu Chun Dong

Abstract: This paper presents a fuzzy-logic-controlled boost DC/DC converter for photovoltaic (PV) system . The tracking algorithm changes the duty...

Authors: Ping Hua Zhu

Abstract: The sodium alginate fossilization Sphingomonas strains have double features: the biological absorption and biological degradation. And...

Authors: Qiu Rong Zhang

Abstract: This study use purely bacteria on suitable condition, eliminate other bacteria come in life-form bacteria. Through the orthogonal experiment...

Authors: Ju Gen Fu, Wei Wu, Gen Yong Hua

Abstract: In the fully mechanized working face, with working face forward, gob area become bigger and bigger, when the top area reach a certain span...

Authors: Jing Zhi Jiang, Pei Ying Peng, Hai Ting Cui, Zhi Yi Li

Abstract: ZrO2 nano-particles were successfully prepared by supercritical hydrolysis in two steps (hydrolysis and dehydration) and were characterized...

Authors: Fang Zhou, Yong Zhong, Pei Zhang

Abstract: Thermal management technique is one of the key techniques for the vehicle application of lithium-ion power batteries. Based on the analysis...

Authors: Rong Zhen Zong, Yu Jiang Qiu

Abstract: All kinds of factors affecting the efficiency of three phase asynchronous motor are studied, the methods of energy-saving and efficiency...

Authors: Xiang Bo Wei, Xiao Rui Li, Xiao Jia Xue, Li Ding

Abstract: A type of zirconium-organic cross-linking agent with excellent temperature resistance and delaying performance was prepared for acid...


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