Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bao Yin, Jing Hui Song, Zhi Yong Wen, Zheng Dong Cui, Yue Xi Yu

Abstract: Utilizing multi energy sources synthetically is one of the trends of energy utilization. China has splendid solar energy resource, however,...

Authors: Shi Mei Sun, Li Qiu Zheng

Abstract: The paper which based on transferring heat problem of fuel cell , applying the new heat pipe cooling system and established math model of...

Authors: Wen Bao

Abstract: New countryside construction in China is a kind of macroeconomic development strategy aiming at sustainable rural settlement development....

Authors: Zhi Long Xu, Chao Li, Lian Fen Liu, Zhong Ming Huang

Abstract: Using the concentrating and tracking photovoltaics generation technology, the area of photovoltaic cells is only one-fifth of the...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Hu, De Feng Huang, Xian Qing Liu, Hong Gao, Hong Shun Hao

Abstract: Liquid electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) was prepared by using the mixture of sulfolane and 3-methoxypropionitrile as a...

Authors: Yun Peng Zhao, Zheng Qing Cheng, Nan Li

Abstract: The paper discusses and studies the system structure and management characteristics of the micro power grid, which is constructed by...

Authors: Ya Fang Wang

Abstract: Summed up the development process in the LED, LED parametric test and drive circuit design is necessary. Based on the actual test results,...

Authors: Jin Liang Gu, Huan Hao Zhang, Zhi Hua Chen, Xiao Hai Jiang

Abstract: Large eddy simulation (LES) has been used to simulate both non-reacting and reacting supersonic planar mixing layers at convective Mach...

Authors: Qing Hua Zou

Abstract: Abstract: The paper derived and gave the mean square deviation formula relating to the internal variable (chemical reaction progression...

Authors: Mo Jie Sun, Hong Dan Shi, Sheng Zheng

Abstract: Microorganisms in circulating water of power plant bring great harm to cooling water system. It not only affects the effect of heat...


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