Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Jun Qiu, Xian Jun Lu, Lin Li, Hai Bao Fan

Abstract: In order to reclaim magnetite from a magnetic tailing,on basis of the result of the analysis of the phases of ferrum in the magnetic...

Authors: Yong Jie Yang, Jun Qing Liu, Yi An Di, Jun Yang, Tian Xue Wen, Yu Wu Li, Yun Qiang Shi

Abstract: Abstract. In order to investigate the chemical characteristics of precipitation on Tibetan Plateau, a total of 34 precipitation samples have...

Authors: Jian An Zhou, Zhi Qiang Li, Dong Ping Zhan, Zhong Qiang Sun

Abstract: Slot plug is one of the most important units for bottom powder injection, and the parameters of slits on slot plug significantly influenced...

Authors: Hong Ming Wang, Pei Ting Sun, Chang Feng Shi

Abstract: Due to the world's energy shortage and increasing pressure on marine environmental protection, using solar and wind energy in ocean-going...

Authors: Mian Hao Hu, Ju Hong Yuan

Abstract: The environmental impact of sewage sludges depends on the availability and phytotoxicity of their heavy metal. The influence of...

Authors: Wen Bin Chen

Abstract: In this study, the affecting factors order of Pb2 + adsorbing Co3O4 is: the initial concentration > time> temperature> pH, under the...

Authors: Ai Xiang Wu, Gao Hui Yao, Ming Qing Huang

Abstract: In order to explore the influence factors of permeability during heap leaching of Yangla copper ore in China, falling head permeability test...

Authors: Yun Yun Chen, Jun Ji Wu, Zhan Feng Ying

Abstract: Considering the fact that when the cell temperature and solar insolation change rapidly, traditional variable step size(VSS) perturbation...

Authors: Rong Xia Fu, Shan Shan Ren, Rong Yao Fu

Abstract: All the parametric formulas in the discontinuous current mode of CCPS are given in this paper. Due to the leakage inductance and distributed...

Authors: Guang Qi Zhou, Dong Mei Qi, Yin Guo, Xue Liang Zhang, Jing Xian Zhai

Abstract: This paper is about fermentation production of ethanol using sweet sorghum stalks as raw material. Content: The soluble part and insoluble...


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