Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiao Zheng, Kan Yang, Ran Zhou, Yong Huai Hao, Guo Shuai Liu

Abstract: The short-term joint optimal operation simulation of Three Gorges cascade hydropower system aiming at maximum power generation benefit is...

Authors: Shu Ping Yu, Qun Lou, Ke Fei Han, Zhong Ming Wang, Ming Jun Xi, Hong Zhu

Abstract: Polyphenylene sulfide-intercalated layered manganese oxide (PPS-MnO2) nanocomposite is synthesized via the...

Authors: Chuan Cheng Li, Jun Yi Zhang, Qin Li Deng, Qun Feng Ji

Abstract: Temperature stratification in large space interior is relatively obvious. This paper selects the structure experimental plant and Wuhan...

Authors: Ran Zhou, Kan Yang, Yong Huai Hao, Jiao Zheng, Guo Shuai Liu

Abstract: In this paper, linear regression method is used to deal with the flow transmission. Applying large -scale system decomposition-coordination...

Authors: Xiao Jia Gao

Abstract: Construction industry is an important tache and constitute in low-carbon city and emission reduction. Under the background of China’s...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Man Li Wang, Ning Zhang

Abstract: This article through researches in Lanzhou city of atmospheric aerosol water-soluble ion concentration change, air quality annual changes...

Authors: Yun Jian Liu, Hua Jun Guo, Xin Hai Li, Zhi Xing Wang

Abstract: The power battery was manufactured with the commercial LiMn2O4 and graphite, and its storage performances with different charged state were...

Authors: Jin Hu Yang, Wei Chen, Hang Xu, Lei Zhao

Abstract: The airlift contact oxidation process is the combination of airlift technology with contact oxidation method. The process was used to treat...

Authors: Zong Hua Wang, Yu Bin Zhao

Abstract: Some high effective microbes, photosynthetic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, and corn-pound bacteria etc were used, to degrade pollutants of...

Authors: Yu Si Yang, Jun Ma, Qian Cao

Abstract: This article has introduced four different numeralization methods for the Complete Characteristic Curves of Pump’s, and these methods are...


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