Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Ling Li, Chun Tao Zhao, Shan Shan Huang, Zhi Gang Li

Abstract: In practice, the getting product data types have ordinary real number, interval-valued in real number field, fuzzy set in real number field....

Authors: Jun Zhang, Min Lei, Si Qi Wang, Cong Qi, Chen Xu

Abstract: The topic research, standard device for power frequency lines parameters tester, can be used for calibrating the power frequency lines...

Authors: Hua Xue, Yu Fei Wang

Abstract: A new method of fuzzy multiple reference models adaptive control(FMRMAC) for dealing with significant and unpredictable system parameter...

Authors: Wen Hai Zhang, Jian Wen Yang, Xian Yong Xiao, Ying Wang

Abstract: When single-line-to-ground fault happen in neutral non-effectively earthed system, there is a big difference between the fault feeder and...

Authors: Tao Chen, Wei Jiang

Abstract: According to the characteristics of fire process, this paper does some research in fire detection, combining the gray system theory and...

Authors: Xun Wang, Xin Xin Mao, Lei Wang, Tong Han, Cheng Si Yang

Abstract: Combined with the existing research results, the heat transfer property of Pulsating Heat Pipe (PHP) was analyzed on the basis of...

Authors: Yan Bing Li, Yue Wu Huang, Xiao Juan Yan

Abstract: The mathematical model for thermokinetic characteristics of an irreversible reciprocating Brayton cycle has been analyzed. The analytical...

Authors: Hong Xing Ma, Hua Wu Li, Xi Jun Yang

Abstract: Power Electronic Transformer (PET) has potential application value in distribution network. This paper presents a novel PET with only one...

Authors: Zheng Zheng, Di Lei Chen, Zhen Hua Zhang

Abstract: For the existence of a large input current harmonic content and the problem of low power factor, we propose an idea using APFC technical to...

Authors: Shan Jie Jia

Abstract: This paper presents a novel and practical method for monitoring harmonic impedances of power systems seen at load serving substations. The...


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