Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Jun Xiao, Rui Qian Qi, Fang Fang Huo, Yun Ling Huang, Hai Xu, Jian R. Lu

Abstract: Monocyclic phenolic compounds (MCPCs) from petroleum and coal sources mainly include phenol, cresols, and xylenols. A newly isolated...

Authors: Yang Xia, Hai Liang Tao, Ning Zhang

Abstract: Hysteresis current controllers are widely used in PV inverters. The main drawback of conventional hysteresis current control is that the...

Authors: Ke Qing Qu, Yue Hong Xing

Abstract: Based on the mathematical model of the wind power grid-connected inverter, the proposed space vector PWM current control and double current...

Authors: Jian Feng Jiang, Xi Jun Yang, Jian Guo Jiang, Huai Gang Lei

Abstract: Power electronic transformer (PET) which has a big potential application value in smart grid is an electrical power transformer device...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Qing Fan Zhang, Dian Li Hou

Abstract: Matrix rectifier (AC-DC MC) is a four-quadrant AC-DC power converter device with compact topology. This paper concerns the influence of...

Authors: Mei Sheng He, Jian Lin Zhu, Rong Zheng, Wei Ming Chen, Yao Feng Chen

Abstract: A new frequency conversion device topology based on matrix rectifier and AC chopper called MCAC) is proposed, which is referred as AC...

Authors: Xian Min Mu, Feng Chun Liu, Guan Lin Li, Xi You Chen

Abstract: This paper proposed a single stage inverter for PhotoVoltaic(PV). The inverter is a push-pull forward converter employed synchronous...

Authors: Hong Tao Shan, Yuan Ling Cai, Yu Zhang

Abstract: Interleaving Parallel is the unique technology with the combination of SPWM modulation technology with multiple technology. This paper was...

Authors: Wen Jun Wu, Xiao Ning Han, Yan Ru Zhong

Abstract: In this paper, the pulse width modulation based on double reference signals is proposed for diode neutral point clamped tri-lever rectifier....

Authors: Li Juan Li, You Gui Guo, Ping Zeng

Abstract: A complete direct-driving wind power system consisting of wind turbine, permanent-magnet synchronous generator, multilevel matrix converter...


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