Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Wu, Qi Lin Zhang

Abstract: Most aluminum alloys used for structural purpose are either heat treated or cold worked in order to develop higher mechanical properties....

Authors: Long Xing Yin, Guo Liang Bai, Hong Xing Li, Xiao Wen Li

Abstract: In order to solve the problem that traditional main building for large thermal power plant cannot satisfy seismic requirements in...

Authors: Can Liu, Bo Wu, Kai Yan Xu

Abstract: This paper presents a method that using inner transverse prestressing bars to enhance the shear capacity of concrete beams, which can be...

Authors: Bing Wu, Mei Li Meng, Xue Yi Fu, Can Sun, Ye Wen Feng

Abstract: The suspend-dome structure is designed for the steel roof of Pingshan Basketball Gymnasium for Universidad 2011 Shenzhen, the overlapping...

Authors: Shan Ju Wang

Abstract: The engineering pricing model has changed a lot since the implementation of pricing norms, especially the advocacy of unit price contract in...

Authors: Hong Tie Zhao, Feng Liang Zhang, Jian Yang Xue

Abstract: Take the roof of the palace timber structure as the study objection, according to the requirements of the Ying-tsao fa-shih, it establishes...

Authors: Tian Ji Li, Ji Ping Hao

Abstract: This paper is based on the experiment of Q460 high-strength single-angle equal-leg compression members with a concentric load at one end and...

Authors: Yan Wang, Li Quan Chen, Li Ya Zhang, Shuai Tao

Abstract: Half scaled specimen of steel frame with widen flange connection was manufactured and carried out a pseudo-dynamic experiment. Dynamic...

Authors: Guo Qi Xing

Abstract: The finite element model was established for the test model of the plate - column -light steel structure according to the application of SAP...

Authors: Gong Yu Pan, Ying Zhang

Abstract: Multiplexing the dynamic vibration absorber (DVA) has tried for improving the vibration absorption efficiency of the dynamic vibration...


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