Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Hua Zhang, Wei Huang, Dong Zhao

Abstract: The eco-composite wall structure consists of concrete blocks,concrete frame grids , concealed frame and so on. When entering, the obvious...

Authors: Zhong Liu, Jun Gao Zhu, Zong Liang Zhang, Guo Jin Zhu, Ying Tao Sun

Abstract: The dynamic time-history response analysis method was employed to analyze the dynamic response of composition foundation with CFG piles. The...

Authors: Qi Cai Li, Zhen Shan Wang, Ming Zhou Su, Xue Chao Shao, Lin Shen

Abstract: In order to study the seismic behavior of steel portal frame structures, Cyclic loading test on a 1:3-scaled model of single-story...

Authors: Zhen Shan Wang, Ming Zhou Su, An Liang Song, Zhen Pang, Lin Shen

Abstract: To study on the failure model, ductility, energy dissipation capacity, structural displacement, and stiffness of the portal frame structures...

Authors: Yao Peng Wu

Abstract: Thin shell structure can show interesting bi-stable behavior. As a novel deployable structure, it shows a broad application prospect in the...

Authors: Lin Nie, De Pei Zhou

Abstract: The mainly purpose of the paper is to investigate the slope excavation deformation of the rock slope at the deep-cutting valley under...

Authors: Guo Can Chen, Zhi Sheng Xu, Zhi Shuo Yang

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental investigation on the short composition columns reinforced with the prefabricated super high strength...

Authors: Shao Jun Li, Fan Zhen Meng, Jing Chen, Hong Min

Abstract: The mechanical properties of interface between soil-macadam aggregate and anti-sliding concrete pile are very important for the...

Authors: Shu Li Wang, Man Gen Mu, Ran Wang, Wen Bo Cui

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a study on a joint slope deformation affecting the western slope of the GuangYang highway (YangQuan,...

Authors: Xi Xiang Zhang, Chao Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a novel FRP-ERBG-asphalt concrete pavement system for steel bridge decks. Based on the preliminary results of...


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