Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Wu, Chun Yang, Guang Xing Li, Chun Mei Zhang

Abstract: Experimental researches of one 1:6 scale steel truss reinforced concrete (STRC) transfer beam were carried out to investigate mechanical...

Authors: Jin Long Wang

Abstract: The numerical simulation on buckling test copper pipe is carried out with dynamic finite element software LS-DYNA. The results clearly...

Authors: Dong Qi Zhao, Yi Jun Tang, Hui Li, Gui Feng Song, Feng Ling Guan

Abstract: Reinforced concrete cover in the road culvert cover design, in order to facilitate the construction, usually using precast reinforced...

Authors: Tian Lai Yu, Jia Jia Wang, Lei Lei Tian, Xian Bin Hou

Abstract: The earth pressure behind the abutment of integral abutment bridge was measured in practice. The distribution and variation laws of the...

Authors: Wei Guo, Zhi Wu Yu

Abstract: In recent years, on the one hand destructive earthquakes frequently occur, and vibration control devices such as dampers and isolation...

Authors: Hai Rong Yin, Quan Xian Zu, Yang Wu

Abstract: A novel hydroxyapatite/chitosan composite plate enhanced by polylactic acid fiber is prepared via in–situ hybridization in the semipermeable...

Authors: Min Zhang, Wei Ke Zhang, Li Zhen Gao, Yu Jun Zhang

Abstract: The sintering behavior of B4C can be significantly affected by the additions of Si. The B4C based ceramics are prepared via hot...

Authors: Yan Kun Zhang, Xiao Hu Li, Pan Zhang

Abstract: Based on the experiment, the splitting tensile strength and axial tensile strength of specified density steel fiber concrete are studied....

Authors: Ze Ping Zhang, Di Wu, Fei Qiao, Zhu Li

Abstract: With the growing global energy crisis, development of economic and land-efficient construction structural system became an significant...

Authors: De Qiang Sun

Abstract: A finite element (FE) model of hexagonal honeycomb cores (HHCs) with single or double cell walls is framed based on the honeycomb cell...


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