Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhan Ping Song, Zhen Chao Guo, Song Bo Ren

Abstract: Aiming at the complexity and uncertainty of rock and soil body, the paper the paper introducing a new global intelligent optimization...

Authors: Mei Liang Yang, Zhen Hai Zeng, Fang Ping Zhong, Zhen Hua Li

Abstract: As defined in optimization ideas, economical efficiency is the objective function, while the volume of sealing concrete and ballast, two...

Authors: Liang Niu, Zhi Cheng Zhang, Xiao Ling Liu, Jun Lin Tao, Yong Gang Lu

Abstract: 3-D Numerical simulation on the directional pressure relief partition side of blast hole isolation material though LS-DYNA software. The...

Authors: Fen Wu, Wei Ping Hu

Abstract: We named the Prehistoric and primitive times by materials--- the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age are just the vivid description of the...

Authors: Zai Hua Zhang, Xing Ping Shu, Zhi Shen Yuan, Qi Cheng Duan

Abstract: Brief description of the basic idea of semi-rigid joints is given. Several types of joints are showed combined with the development of the...

Authors: Hong Zhen Kang, Lei Yao, Xi Min Song, Ying Hua Ye

Abstract: To study axial compressive strength of high strength concrete-filled steel tube composite columns, tests of 18 specimens were carried out....

Authors: Kun Lin Ma, Wei Lun Wang, Guang Cheng Long, You Jun Xie

Abstract: The deterioration mechanism of sulfate attack on cement- based materials under partial soaking condition is very complex. This paper...

Authors: Shuo Ying Zhang, Ming Hai Dong

Abstract: Based on the fiber bridging model and constant frictional interface stress, this paper derived the P-δ relation for the X-type fiber pulled...

Authors: Yan Min Yang, Yi Ran Zhang

Abstract: The new building wall material solid composite sandwich panel consists of panel and inserted layer material-steel wire nets of composite...

Authors: Shan Hua Xu, Xue Cai Lin, Bin Qiu, Meng Zhang

Abstract: This article study the connecting performance of the corrosion high-strength bolts. According to the experiment of anti-slippery,the essay...


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