Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Qu, Ming Qi Chang, Lei Xu, Yue Wang, Shao Hua Lu

Abstract: According to water power, structure and foundation conditions of aqueduct, it has established aqueduct safety assessment indicator system...

Authors: Dan Guang Pan, Zheng Li, Jin Peng Tan, Hong Chun Gao

Abstract: To construct a finite element model of concrete-filled steel tube column which is suitable to practical engineering analysis, a double-beam...

Authors: Chi Yan, Ri Song Qin, Hong Yue Sun

Abstract: The fracture theory of soil was a new developing problem in recent year. In this paper, the basic principle of fracture mechanics and the...

Authors: Chen Chen, Ying Hua Zhao, Chun Yang Zhu, Li Wei

Abstract: This paper studies the impact performance of concrete filled FRP-steel tube which is a composed structure made by filling concrete into...

Authors: Bahador Sabet Divsholi, Tze Yang Darren Lim, Susanto Teng

Abstract: With the rapid consumption of natural resources, there is a growing concern about sustainable development. More than 6 billion tons of...

Authors: Guo Hui Gao, Zhen Yu Xie, Ran He, Jian Yi Song

Abstract: Diaphragm beam has grate influence to load transverse distribution factors of T-beam bridge. Two steel T-beam bridge models were made in...

Authors: Yan Jiang Chen, Wei Ming Yan, Da Peng Gu, Yong Li

Abstract: The main bridge structure of the bridge engineering cross Yitong river, on the 102 national road, is a three-Span flying swallow type...

Authors: Jin Jie Men, Qing Xuan Shi, Qi Zhou

Abstract: Frames consisting of reinforced concrete column and steel beam (RCS) is a new type of composite structures. Background of the research and...

Authors: Hui Jun Liu, Hui Min Li, Jie He

Abstract: The paper analyses the damage condition of transport infrastructure in Wenchuan earthquake and eplores the possible difficulties in...

Authors: Li Li Bai, Zhen Qing Wang

Abstract: After boundary conditions of member and thermal parameters of materials are determined, ANSYS software is utilized to analyze the maximum...


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