Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ru Wang, Li Nan Xie, Hu Chang

Abstract: Proceeding eigenvalue buckling analysis and geometric nonlinear analysis on schwedler single-layer ellipsoid reticulated shell with analysis...

Authors: Qiang Xu, Jian Yun Chen, Jing Li

Abstract: Mechanical analysis for jointed rock mass is very significant in geotechnical engineering. In particular, the mechanical characteristics of...

Authors: Yue Dong Sun, Yan Pu Wang

Abstract: Through the analysis of the collapse reasons of a large steel silo, results show that the main reasons for causing this accident are the...

Authors: Lei Guo, Hai Yong Cai

Abstract: Characteristics of RCC concrete with greater proportion of magnesium oxide style in domestic are few mentioned, urgently awaits to further...

Authors: Wei Ning Wang, Wei Ming Yan, Yan Jiang Chen

Abstract: The cylinder is prone to be damaged due to temperature increasing in vibration control and durability testing process of viscous damper. In...

Authors: Xi Cheng Zhang, Hong Tie Zhao, Feng Liang Zhang, Yan Sui

Abstract: In order to study the collapse behaviors due to base sliding of Chinese ancient timber buildings, a simplified model was constructed. The...

Authors: Su Fen Huang, Zhi Gang Song, Bin Li

Abstract: Existing safety study of building fire is mainly based on the ISO834 temperature-time curve, which is a theoretical curve and not fully...

Authors: Xian Yuan Tang, Qiang Hu, Yong He Yu

Abstract: To research the effect of earthquakes of different magnitudes on continuous rigid frame bridge under cantilever construction method,...

Authors: Bing Guo, Xiao Tong Peng

Abstract: Using the plastic shear deformation of panel zones (PZs) to increase the ductility and seismic energy dissipation of structures is a common...

Authors: Jin Song Lei, Yin Sheng Zou, Ya Li Wang, Qing Ma

Abstract: In order to research the nonlinear dynamic respond analysis of a new braced steel frame with wedge devices under the action of earthquake,...


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