Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zuo An Wei, Yu Long Chen, Bin Zhu, Hai Ru Liu

Abstract: Rockfall is a frequent engineering disaster confronted in the capital construction engineering. The key for preventing rock fall is the...

Authors: Lei Li, Shan Suo Zheng

Abstract: This paper investigates modeling approaches of circular concrete-filled steel tube (CFT) column under cyclic load based on flexibility and...

Authors: Qiao Yun Wu, Hong Ping Zhu, Jian Fan

Abstract: The research of structural vulnerability analysis is mostly based on the Cornell theory. Using other methods to do seismic fragility...

Authors: Chang Ming Hu, Fang Fang Song, Xiao Zhou Fan

Abstract: Based on analysis of five different conditions’ full scale model tests of the fastener tubular steel scaffolding, the paper introduces that...

Authors: Dong Qiang Xu, Pin Li

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the study on internal forces of structure by building model in ANSYS under unidirectional seismic wave,...

Authors: Yong Zhang, De Xin Nie, Jiang Da He

Abstract: In the process of evaluating the stability of some rock slopes, the discontinuities which mainly destroy the stability of future slope can...

Authors: Hu Peng, Nuo Bu, Lin Gu, Zhou Xu

Abstract: Following with the Wenchuan Earthquake of 2008 in China, the Haiti Earthquake of 2010 and so forth, a series of geologic hazards occur all...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Thomas C.K. Molyneaux, David W. Law, Yong Li, Li Yun Pan

Abstract: As a part of the collaborative studies between China, Australia and the UK, examing sulfate attack on concrete, this paper reports the...

Authors: Zhuo Ya Yuan, Xiong Wei Shi, Wei Feng, Liang Liang Ke, Li Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a formulation for calculating ultimate bending capacity was created. A nonlinear finite element model was established using...

Authors: Zhan Fei Wang, Quan Wu, Wei Ning Sui

Abstract: In the present of paper, four experimental steel tubular columns with partial filled-concrete under reversed cyclic lateral load and...


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